Virus Failure…Hell, looks like it’s been Quite Successful.

Virus Failure.  Pistol Pete’s got hairy feet.  And as I walked the Streets of Laredo, I didn’t spy a Young Cowboy all wrapped in White Linen. Looking backwards, I see my reflection.  And as I see myself, I talked about Good People,  good things, and pissy things.   I’ve seen enough pain the last a Millennium. … Continue reading Virus Failure…Hell, looks like it’s been Quite Successful.

👉Texas Permit to Possess Permits👀🤔

👉Texas Permit to Possess Permits! 👀🤔Texas Permit to Possess Permits👀🤔 TEXAS, TEXAS, TEXAS.  Ain’t it time to really agree to disagree on this one Subject and quit Stalking and get Busy Creating More General Budget Revenue. I estimate 30 million Texans would be willing to pay Texas for the Following Priviledges- 1.  Residency Permit to… Continue reading 👉Texas Permit to Possess Permits👀🤔


Half-Breeds!  Mom or Dad was full blood Indian and other parent wasn’t.  And their offspring were called Half-Breeds!  Remember Cher’s Song? My Grandfather hated the name and his favorite Return word was CHESSIE BUTTS! There’s been a ton of Racial Issues that have and will continue to take place all over the Place.  My kids… Continue reading Half-Breeds!

Mach·i·a·vel·li·an Nightmare!

Mach·i·a·vel·li·an /ˌmäkēəˈvelēən,ˌmakēəˈvelēən/ Learn to pronounce Yes, Sir.  Yes Ma’am.  In less than 90 Days, there may, actually most likely will occur, the worse Congressional Nightmare ever to hit America!  Fake or Real Possibility? Presidential Order November 4, 2020 “My fellow Republicans and Americans, the Democrats have once again demonstrated their unwillingness to Accept this Election… Continue reading Mach·i·a·vel·li·an Nightmare!