Aquaman, a movie that is a fun watch from beginning to end.  This is such a cool movie.  A really cool movie.  So, if you are a parent, and you wanna take the kids to a flick, this is one that I really enjoyed.  The story line  and all of the fun creatures that come… Continue reading AQUAMAN

Only in America

ONLY IN AMERICA.   WARNING-this read will not make a person happy.  It is the millionth time told, the millionth line written in the same old tale and this tale still has only the same one ending and that is the ending that ends in the last breath that a person takes-your last breath, my… Continue reading Only in America

Rockets and Global Warming-is there a connection?

Rockets and Global Warming-is there a connection? “The issue of rocket emissions—which deliver gases and particles directly into the middle and upper atmosphere—will be included in a forthcoming United Nations 2018 Quadrennial Global Ozone Assessment that delves into the substances responsible for ozone depletion.”-exert from the following online article.  An article that a person really needs… Continue reading Rockets and Global Warming-is there a connection?