Monetary Gifts to help my wife, Janet Brown, receive a decent retirement check. U can help…please read and pass along~the living breathing James Brown

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Monetary gift to help my wife, Janet Brown.

My wife, Janet Brown,has always had a wonderful and caring heart for children. And has taught Secondary Education as a Math teacher for approximately 36 years. But not all years were continuous. But Janet has now met a newer bad bump in her road life. I pray Dear Lord that I can explain Janet’s need to everyone reading this. I may be good at writing, but I am not used to asking for help- In 2007, our daughter was shot thru the chest with a .45 caliber handgun. It was a traumatic event for all of us. My wife took out 9 years of her teacher retirement to help with our daughter’s overwhelming medical expenses and other costs. God blessed us allowing our daughter to survive and she is now in a wheelchair. But her road of recovery has been a difficult one. Then on this May 1st, 2018, my wife went into the hospital stricken with CHL. She now has to quit teaching that she has always been wholeheartedly loved as a dedicated and started teaching in 1978. She is a Texas A&M graduate. After teaching for years at the Texas Public School System at Bryan High School, her heart led her to turn to St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Bryan, Texas and she taught there for 15 years. Then her heart once again turned her to help the academic struggling Hearne High School in Hearne, Texas. Finally, she returned to Bryan High School in Bryan, Texas. In 1978, Janet was originally under the Rule of 70. But pulling out 9 years of retirement to aid our daughter placed her under the Rule of 80. So, she does not meet regular retirement. She must buy back those nine years at a total cost of $86,000. Janet has applied for TRS Disability Retirement but that is a sum half of what she would have received thru regular retirement. And Social Security told Janet that she does not meet the Disability Social Security Requirement because she did not pay into Social Security for the last five years. TRS(Teacher Retirement System) in Texas does not take out for Social Security but she worked at a Catholic Private High School for 15 years where they did take out for Social Security. But the years she did put into Social Security now qualifies her to receive about $300 a month after the 40% mandatory Federal Reduction so Texas Teachers cannot DOUBLE-DIP. I know. But the Feds always know best. She has been a good and wonderful friend and companion all of my life and we have been married for 37 years but most of our hard earned monies always went to help our daughter and so on. Always paying bills month to month like most everyone. Neither of us expected to be in this position now. But we are. Janet really does need everyone’s help. We have already been cannibalizing all of our extra expenses like dropping the ole cell phone four days ago and dropping DirecTv and so on. But I want you to know that I do honestly believe in the tremendous power of the Lord our God and I do believe He will come to Janet’s aid in this moment of need. So, if you are led by your Spirit or Kindness of your heart to render monetary gift for Janet, then please add your monetary gift and let others know too. She truly has paid the price for a decent retirement. GOD BLESS and this US Army Veteran absolutely thanks the heck out of ya. If I could, I would give each of you either one of my two Medals from my Overseas Deployment as a way of saying "Thank You" to everyone who can afford to give this gift to my wife-Janet Brown…the living breathing James Brown