“we won’t allow Ukraine to passively bleed to death”, Who Said that?

February 24th, 2022 Ukraine was attacked by Russia and the world sat and watched and we are still sitting and watching. will there never be an end? it is unbelievable what’s happened. it is the most mortifying example of a crippled mind in action. never has the world watched in modern times a world leader viciously sic his dogs of war upon Ukraine and they are raping and pillaging and they are thugs they think like thugs. they’re Mercenaries and they love the perverse life of sin. in Germany says we will not passively watch Ukraine bleed to death then what are they doing what is NATO doing as the stakes are raised even higher better weapons are finally sent in but are these weapons too late and with over 150,000 Russians killed or injured how long must this war continue? who benefits for the continuation of this war crushing city after City? buildings crushed back to Rubble just like Russia did in Syria and the world just sat by watching. Where are they? there are no Heroes I’m talking about real heroes one screw others who can bring this war to an end a real ending. Russia continues it’s taunting messages of nuclear annihilation as if it is a game as if they have the right to use nuclear weapons on another country ones in which they started the war upon it is mind-boggling it is crippling it is cheesy butt mentality and only sick people are enjoying this watching it really really enjoying it but I don’t enjoy it and I know that ukrainians are not enjoying it

I bought a Ukrainian military cap or camouflage cap (similar to the one above and made in Ukraine) with their Ukrainian emblem on the front but I did it to support their war effort and I think everybody in the world should support Ukraine’s war effort everybody should do everything they can to help bring it to an end. In this war, pig lizard Russia has no right to any Ukrainian land you just don’t go into a country and then once you are in it you begin annexing that country. that’s turd bucket philosophy only scoundrels and scum dogs do such a thing not people who are mature. maturity is not part of Russia’s philosophy and they only philosophy crushing the weaker and taking whatever they want to take. I’m saying just steal another country’s resources on to rape and pillage their women and to kidnap their people to put them in Penal colonies to work as slave dogs and they have no right to do this but they are doing it.

I hurt when I watch TV I hurt when I watch YouTube the videos are horrible I watched the horrible video today on YouTube of twelve lions killing a single cheetah and as I watched It’s sadly reminded me what Russia is doing to Ukraine Russia is the 12 lions and you crying Ukraine is the cheetah. Ukraine is the cheetah. Russia is the 12 lions. it was a sickening video but it pointed out to what really is going on in Ukraine and Russian destroying their water supplies destroying their electrical supplies wiping out human decency and destroying selfless things that we take for granted Russia Russia cannot be allowed to continue on this road of onslaught on this road of sickness on this road proving that Russia is not a world power it is a puppet state ran by puppet leader citizens completely controlled by puppet leader puppet leader who believes himself Beyond reproach war crimes have been committed and they are still being committed just Russia invading Ukraine is a war crime a criminal act of the most heinous order and I believe God is preparing a special place in hell for all those in Russia who have made this war possible the puppet leader will sacrifice himself to an eternity of pain Eternal pain every millisecond another screen another scream another scream and yet another scream he is retarded he is without human decency and soon he will find himself all alone in the hellfires of Satan’s Delights and Satan will Delight and helping the puppet leader get all that he is due but we can.

It was a Leopard and not a cheetah. But as you Watch, Russia is the Lions. Ukraine is the Leopard. Such pain and sorrow. Killing because they can. No Threat to them at all.

January 25, 2023 Announcement

Germany is now sending their Leopard II Tanks. Other Nations are now stepping up their Delivery of Weapons of Protection for the Ukrainians.