HIGH, WIDE, AND HANDSOME-an Excellent Randolph Scott 1937 Hollywood Movie

Shortly after marrying Sally Watterson (Irene Dunne) in 1859, Peter Cortlandt (Randolph Scott) discovers oil on his grandmother’s farm, and soon nearby farmers also find natural gas reserves beneath their land. Determined to purchase their valuable land, railroad tycoon Walt Brennan (Alan Hale) raises the prices for using his trains for oil transportation, hoping to force the farmers to sell. Peter, in search of a better solution, begins constructing a pipeline.

Initial release: July 21, 1937

Director: Rouben Mamoulian

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

This is an excellent Movie. It’s full of Drama and romance turned upside down. It flips the script and leads you on an exciting Trip thru the Oil Field Hay Days. It’s amusing and catchy. But it’s just a great Movie to watch with a bucket of buttered popcorn.

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In 1859, Doc Watterson brings his traveling medicine show to Titusville, Pennsylvania. After the show wagon is destroyed by an accidental fire, Mrs. Cortlandt and her grandson Peter invite the Wattersons and the show’s fake Indian, Mac, to stay with them. Peter and Sally fall in love.

Railroad tycoon Walt Brennan wants to acquire the land of several oil-drilling farmers, led by Peter Cortlandt. The townspeople block the plan, assisted by a herd of circus elephants, and instead construct their own oil pipeline.

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