A PANTHER’S FATHER IV, my 4th Book in the Series will be out Shortly. I hope you get a chance to read it.

The man is lying inside a Coffin above.

A Panther’s Father IV, It’s taken four years to finally be near the finish line and have this 4th book in the Series out and available for you to read. Just trying to find the right Book Cover Design has been a real challenge. Two other Artist tried and their work was not up to par. I gave one way too long and he said he had Covid and health issues. So, I waited and I waited and I waited.

But finally, an Aout…reas Hired and she used a Model for her Subject Matter. He represents JeanPaul, the Panther. And he’s in a Coffin. And it’s representative of an exciting finishing last Chapter in the Book with a setting in Mexico City, Mexico.

And you’re gonna be Stunned, some will be Shocked with this Book. But it’ll be a fun ride for everyone.

Yes, it’s almost out…and afterwards, it will be available in an audiobook as well.