NASA wants to go to the Moon and Stay there-Ambition beyond practicality?

I’m all for great Research. I’m all for lots of Great Science. But I’m not convinced that Going to the Moon and Inhabiting the Moon is a Realistic and worthwhile Endeavour. I’m afraid that the Failure Rate of such a Moon Base vs the Cost Would ever Equal Beneficial Results. Are you following what NASA and SpaceX are talking about doing? NASA could very well fall on its Face with Elon Musk at the Helm of all of it. I’m afraid that these Moon Missions and living there will be a fiasco worse than Musk taking over Twitter. And I’m writing Today to point out some very discouraging thoughts or Worries I have or concerns, but truthfulness that cannot and should not be Overlooked just because doing the Moon Base is just too pretty to avoid. And I know what I write now are just some of the many possible scenarios that NASA and SpaceX will consider in hundreds of thousands of hours of brain work by brilliant minds. This won’t be new to them. But don’t we worry? We should. We need to. That’s what we humans do best.

There’s Nothing Pretty about it! It’s going to be a Nightmare of putting a Colony on the MoonAnd I worry about it being in the South Lunar Pole Region. And what about Astronaut Suicides may be the in results as well. And I know, you didn’t like Reading that just as much as I didn’t enjoy writing any of this. But I feel I must. We must put out Worry Caps on. Without them, we are setting ourselves up for DOOM.

First off, there has never been a successful Landing by any NASA Probe on the South Lunar Pole. Every Probe sent has never survived even the Landing. And why is that? Is there some form of unknown Mush that’s 20′-30′ deep? Something that would suck the SpaceX Landing Starship. And prevent its escaping back off the surface?

1969 is a long time ago. And why go again? Really? Why go Again? Just so you can create a Gas Station on the Moon for further Planetary Exploration? Okay, let’s get very Real. Where is all the Money coming from? $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$? Is the Moon gushing with Gold? Or other Minerals so Worthy of such Costly Endeavours? IN Regions never proven? Saying there could be Water in the Craters in the South Lunar Pole is not the same as Saying There is A Proven Supply of Water in the South Lunar Poles Craters. And no one! No One has said there is water definitively there.

But Make No Mistake, these Missions are going to be Highly Questionable and How will they be keeping on Track when Astronauts Die? Deaths of Astronauts are going to be like wooden Stakes in Dracula’s Chest. And NASA and SpaceX will be two of the Dracula. But Money Demands are going to be Met with Highly Impassioned Republicans Holding the House of Representatives. And I predict Money Discussions are going to be a far more Serious Brainstorm and hardliners will Cry far worse than making Kevin McCarthy the Speaker of the House. And I’m thinking it should be that way. On Earth, such Princely Sums might Cure All Cancers. But what should Out Priorities be? And it’s Sad that Russia can not be involved as they have some if the most Powerful Rockets ever. And China has now built the Greatest, Biggest Rocket Ever!

Again, I love Great Science, but not this Lunar Colony. I see all of it being a Tik-Toc Viral Video on a Grand Scale and nothing more. A Lunar Colony would be the Greatest Hardship ever asked of Astronauts. Here, NASA has a Mission and the probability of Survival is less than 50% and you could go stark naked Batty as a Loony Toone. And you’ll be living in the tightest Compartments ever. You’ll be like squirrels in a Squirrel Cage. Or a Goldfish in a Plastic Bag being transported from the store to your fish tank.

But let’s look at the Landing of the NASA/SPACEX Lunar Landing Craft.

Looks amazing. Science beyond Belief. But when these Landings don’t go great?
Spaces Starship takes off and Lands. Impressive!

This is absolutely mind-blowing. Incredible Science. But here comes the Drawbacks that I cannot get my head around. Here they are-What Happens when you aren’t Landing on an already prepared Solid Landing Pad? But on an uneven Lunar Surface? And you’re only 238,900 miles away from Earth. How much will Starship weigh on this Landing? And what if your Rocket Engine on the Moon melts Ice below the Starship? Maybe melt thru 20′ of Ice or Mushy Ice? Or another unknown substance incapable of holding up the Ship. Then, the Astronauts are entombed in a Tomb of Ice? What then? Surely, Starship can instantly figure out what is going on and Abort the Landing or Not? Get back out or not? And what if, I pray not, Starship falls over on its side or Leaning at an unrecoverable Sloping Angle?

So, here are my Concerns-

  1. Astronaut Safety. Absolutely a Must!
  2. Safely Landing on and Getting back off the Moon.
  3. Sustainable Amounts of Money? First for the Novel Landing on the South Lunar Pole Region. But to Continue until there is a Full Colony and a Gas Station Created on the Moon will Cost only How Much? I believe that this Fiscal Figure is unachievable. Too astronomically sound.
  4. It’s creation was Under a Democratic President and I see a Republican House shutting it down. Slamming the Door Shut.

One astronaut Death and I worry that the Program will be crushed shut. Door Slammed. I have no comprehension of Why to go to other Planets? What’s there that’s not here on earth?

Mars for me is a Pipe Dream. And so are the farther Planets. Why go to them with their Hostile living conditions?

Just because we can makes No Sense to me. Feeding an ever growing World Population is a Major Priority. And it grows worse every day. Our Climate is Acting very Odd. People argue that’s it’s our End.

But is Mother Earth finally ready to kick us off this Planet?

Well, we sure won’t fix our Planet spending Massive amounts of Money on Games of the Billionaires? Going to the Moon is Billionaire Land. But you and I are going to get stuck with the Bill. Our Kids and grandkids will pay also. And I’d like to get Our monies Worth. Wouldn’t you?