How far reaching is this to You? We are in our own Box with No Way Out!

No one wants to play K A R E N. Do YOU? But for years, in my lifetime, I’ve seen some pretty strange weather occurring all over the 🌎. My father was a Soil Scientists and I went out with him from time to time in the Field. He showed me many things that were happening right before my eyes over 50 years ago. And mostly Bad Things.

I saw How overuse of Land and Water Resources were a great Ticket on a Train of NO RETURN. It brought devastating results. Making Lands And Resources Useless. And it’s happening all over the 🌎. We did that. We are doing it as your Read this. And the sad, most damnable confounding issue is there is No Way to Get the 🌎 on the same page.

Talk is Cheap! Always has been, always will be. And Solutions DON’T Rain down from Heaven into Man’s Mind. No, the World’s Governments cannot get on the same Page of Helping Our Planet. Our Earth!

In one mysterious way, you could say that the 🌎 is in a Continuous Riot. A Riot with multi-minded people with only Food, Water, Shelter, and Prosperity in Common. GREED is one Killer of Current Issues. And Controlling one’s Own Populous to prevent Rebellion or COUP is so Great that people all over the 🌎 are allowed to do whatever they can Afford to Do. Whatever they Can Own! Cars, Homes, Children, and all the things that Prosperity brings. Luxury items such as A/C, Cars, Trucks, Gasoline, Diesel, Air Travel. Train Trips. Ocean Trips. All things that are the Biggest Pollution Doers are being Done.

All the Governments can Pledge one Pledge after another. But in actuality, it’s a far cry Short of what needs to be done. Species are Dying. Oceans are Dying. The Planet isn’t Dying. It’s that Man may actually Kill Himself Off the Planet. Earth will keep rolling along. But maybe without us. And without certain animals. Certain Birds. Certain Mammals. Certain Bugs. Certain Vegetations. But man may be painting his own Doom and the Earth is his Canvas.

And at any moment, spectacular movements of the earth’s plates could take place and hasten up the process. Volcanos could begin erupting massive amounts of Poisonous Gases and So much Ash to block out the Sun for Years. So, yes, possibilities are there and real. And all of us can only work with what’s in our own Backyard. Fix what we can in our Lives. How?

  1. Use less Water.
  2. Make fewer Trips in our Cars.
  3. Grow tons more Trees. Lots and Lots of more Trees. At very Funeral, DON’T give Flowers, Plant a Tree in Remembrance of your Friends or Loved Ones.
  4. Eat Less.
  5. Buy Less.
  6. Don’t give into sudden Impulsives to make crazy Purchases.

Be reasonable. Be Smarter in 2023. THINK before you Speak. Don’t be a Sneaky Suzie. Or a Turnip at the Party. Be Wiser. Act your Age. Pray more. Don’t seek Going Viral or Mass Followers. And be sure to Give Good Advice and Not Tooty-Fruity wishy-washy garbage mouthed statements. Act Your Age! Show How to Calm Others and Not the Opposite. Be a New You. Show others how to Budget. How to seek the Right Advice from the Right People. Don’t second Guess! Please.

Meditate More!

Nations can meet over and over and over and again,

Talk is Cheap! You cannot get all the Nations of the World on the same page. They can Sign Great Sounding Treaties. Spend Billions. But the Issues probleming the 🌎 have not Changed. And there’s no reason to Keep Saying, Do This, Do That, because even the People aren’t doing what needs to be done. They want their piece of the Planet and then Die. They all say this-You Give Up for Me! Not Me give up things for You!

But for millions reading this, in your lifetime, you will be able to see the beginning of the End. Unfolding right before your eyes like never BEFORE. Good Luck!