Zeronized Energy or Zeronized Matter?

Yesterday, I read a paper from a Physicist on Zeronized Energy or Zeronized Matter.

Trying to decipher the work is troublingly difficult. It’s all handwritten. And when I was given it, the brilliant man, whom I considered to be an Expert in Physics beyond what was being discussed at the time, and he told me that it would revolutionize mankind like never before. But he also said it could actually be an End to Mankind as well if it was Weaponized.

The way the manuscript discusses Zeronized Energy and Zeronized Matter is like walking into a Huge Labyrinth so Tall, you are Lost in it. The amount of stuff to comprehend is more than anything I’ve ever seen. And as the diagrams are relative simple, the wording along with it is troublingly difficult to understand. Needless to say, I don’t know How to decipher all of it. And I’m not sure what it does if it’s built. It’s an arrangement of lots of stuff placed in an Order I’ve never seen.

It even talks about a 4th Dimension and speaks a Warning about it several times.

Does it Open the Door to another World? Does it allow for traveling in space where there is No Time? If you are here, the device can put you there instantly? But where is that There? Yes. Where is the There the man discusses?

And Zeronized Matter? Zeronized Energy? What is it? What will it allow us to do? How will it Revolutionize Us? And sadly, why hasn’t this taken place already? Or does it Open a Door to Time Travel? Would that be Cool or FRIGHTENING? Change things with what kinds of effects? Or Affects?