The Road to Glory-a 1936 War Movie of heavy Implications!

Talk about the Horrors of War! 10 days fighting in Trenches and Ten Days away from the fighting. And repeating this Over and Over and Over again. And with High Death Rates And High Casualty Rates. Artillery Rounds exploding everywhere, Snipers, and more. Then, This Unit is Called upon to do the Deadliest Missions. And then a Tunnel is being dug right under their feet by the Enemy. Under the Trench you are in.

Then the New Relief Group gets Hit with the Super Explosion in that tunnel within minutes of the New Relief Soldiers making the Relief on the Front Line. Horrific Tragedy right in your Living Room. Such dramatic Tragedy! Super Harsh Conditions.

But when the Commander’s own old father shows up to fight and this will tear at your Heart. At one point, the War Drama is so great that the Old Soldier becomes overcome with Fear. And then the Blind Commander is led back to a remote Forward Observer Post by his own elderly father where Both Soldiers are blown up by their Own Artillery Barrage. Utterly an emotional scene of the highest Order. Very difficult to watch the Old Man lead his Blinded son thru enemy lines at the front.

This movie is a Great War Drama, but it is sad showing us the Horrors of War.

Set in France during WWI, a the love triangle develops between a French commander who cares more for strategy than human life, a free-thinking officer who is appalled by his superior’s decisions, and the nurse with whom both men fall in love.

Release date: September 4, 1936 (USA)

Director: Howard Hawks

Producer: Darryl F. Zanuck

Box office: 1 million USD

Screenplay: Joel SayreWilliam Faulkner

Distributed by: 20th Century Studios