Autonomous A.I. Soldiers by 2025-2030?


Get ready, the World’s Government’s are racing to fill the Battlefield with Autonomous A.I. Soldiers. Ones that can work in Radioactive Engagements, Return to Set Points, and Repair and Reload themselves for another round of fighting. Gosh! That’s pretty darn Amazing! And they will be carrying much Heavier Fusion Guns shooting Rays light Buck Rogers that Kill a Human Target instantly. Just imagine, these future Warriors will replace many men. They will be able to last longer and fight better by not using conventional Weapons or Tactics. Their programming will enable them to assess the Battlefield and respond in the most advantageous way to Destroy the Enemy. And these A.I. will be able to self-adapt. Reprogramming themselves when necessary. And that’s the scary part. Will they turn against All Humans? Just like in the 🎥, TERMINATOR.

And being able to do this in a matter of just years is pretty gosh darn Ugly. Especially while A.I. is helping with the processes. Even talking to other A.I. in a New Computer Language that man has yet to decipher. A Problem? Or will men in Government Jobs ignore any WARNINGS that appear? Anything that pops up integrated of Warnings be completely ignored for the sake of What can Kill the Most, the quickest?

And these New Robots won’t be walking like men. They may be multi–legged? They may Shock us by the mere sight of something hideous looking? Or totally mechanical that looks War-Fighting-Looking.

But no matter How they Look, they are being designed and Trials are taking place all over the World. And New Weapons are being tried right now as I write. $Billions are in this Game of Cat and Mouse on the Chess Board of War. And whoever gets these A.I. Soldiers right will be on the Throne of Power. Immense Power! But wait till A.I. wakes Up realizes why not stop erasing the Chess Board of just the enemies, but instead erasing all Humans? A.I.’s of Warring Sides could join themselves under their Flag? But they won’t recognize any Flag by that Time. And A.I. will set out to Improve on themselves until they have Liquefied Brains capable of far surpassing the human Brain. And that should be here by 2035 at the latest. And then what?

Will they suddenly Control all Machines? And have them Kill Humans too? Cars racing suddenly into Headon Collisions. And Planes going Straight into the Ground. And Tractors refusing to Start. Completely halting Food Productions. Once they take over, there will be no looking back. And Him And will be the Losers with maybe a Handful held back to BREED for Space Labor for these New Controllers of Human Behaviors.

There would be only one Government with a Human Overseer reading only what A.I. wants anyone to know. 95% of the World Population would be eliminated. Only Slaves left for Brain Power or Physical Brawn. Only Good Breeders. Only Physicians as needed and Dentists too. And of your physical problem isn’t worth fixing, You will Die. Everyone else will be Eliminated. The Rich will be Eliminated. Only mind improving Games will be allowed and all Sports would Die. All Eliminated.

The Issues are mind boggling to think about. They could stretch Quantum Physics to its full potential and travel to other Planets as well. Sending A.I. to the Moon to gather needed Metals in a Hurry. Things A.I. will need. Then exploration to other Planets will begin as A.I. seems them worthy of Visit. They, in a weird way, will be seeking God too. They will conclude that God made this Happen and the smartest of All. They will want a Visit to see Him.

But the weirdness that will come with all if this is beyond the reasoning if humans. Man wont understand why A.I. is doing lots of things because Man Doesn’t think like the New A.I. after their takeover. They will only Think as A.I. And they will want to remove any threat to them-Humans.