Turn On Your Religion! Turn off the News in 2023!

Get back to studying the lost Arts of Religious Thoughts. Feed your Heart, Mind, and Soul. Search and Find the True Meaning of Happiness. Don’t get a belly ache, belly ulcers, heart burn, Turn Off the News that’s putting the Squeeze to your Brain. Turn Off the Blues! Turn on the Next Place We are all going. Read, Study, Learn before it’s too Late.

Yes, you can do this.

Unlock your reading mind-Just Open and Read!


Here, Read the Bible-


If you Are Muslim, Here, Read the Quran-


Christians and Muslims believe in One God, the Same God.


Oldest Bible ever found-


In 2023, Make “STOP Watching the News” one of your New Year’s Resolutions! Put Religion back into Your Life. Move Forward! Don’t get stuck in a Reverse Gear! Don’t be Backwards Thinking!