“Smoking Gun” remains as the Origin of COVID-19 is a Trillion Dollar Murky Mystery after over Two Years of Searching?

After over Two Years of watching the Fingers of Guilt have wandered all over the World from China to 🇺🇸 to EUROPE to Russia to Saudi Arabia to Iran. But as the finger still is in the trigger guard on the Gun, No Research has PROVEN the Origin of Covid-19. The Tillion Dollar Murky Mystery remains with the 🌎.

I can still remember watching the weird words of something Odd coming out of China is November 2019. And as the World Watched an even Odder Event was taking place also in 🇨🇳. Suddenly, the 🌎 watched as China went into full blown Epidemic Alarms. Airline Flights were Canceled and People were even being locked into their Living Compounds with their Opening Doors to these Compounds being Welded Shut.

And With Great Concern and Deaths rising, China began building Temporary Hospitals all over the Places. Then entire Regions in China LOCKED DOWN TRAVEL in and out.

WTH? WHAT WAS Going ON? Everyone in the World was suddenly set aghast as a Deadly and Silent Virus was being Carried over the Winds to other places in the 🌎. Europe was Hit. America was Hit. New York City was Jackhammered with Hospitalizations and DEATHS! Then there was the West Coast.

Consequently, President Donald Trump called it a Natural Disaster and for Two Weeks, America became Closed for Business. Schools and Movie Theaters were Closed. Bars and Restaurants were Closed. And Americans became ANGERED REAL BAD! Suddenly, Americans went Bat Feces Crazy! And Businesses CLOSED like the Biblical Great Flood. It was SHOCKING! IT WAS SCARIER THAN ANY HORROR MOVIE!

AND Americans went to the Streets Demanding Answers. The World DEMANDED ANSWERS!

Where the Heck did this Deadly Virus come From? Did China know something that they didn’t and still haven’t shared with the 🌎? And the Wuhan Fish Market in China was coming under close scrutinizing. And the Biological Warfare Labs there came under even greater scrutinizing. But no answers came.

Lots and Lots of finger Pointing came out with President Trump even calling COVID-19, Wuhan Flu. And China and 🇺🇸 exchanged barbs at each other. Even Trade Wars began Calling China Trade Cheaters. And President Trump levied Heavy Tariffs on China, but China attacked back by killing Grain Purchases from American Farmers and other measures in a Tit for Tat War with the Trump Administration. And there were No Winners.

And waves of PROTESTS took Place attacking Police Officers Abusive Attacks upon Blacks with the Biggest and most Upsetting being the Death of George Floyd. His manner of Death was Shocking. And other Waves of Protests forcing Southern Civil War Statues to be tumbled or Removed Completely. Massive Angers were only percolated in COVID-19 ISOLATION. And then the Streets lit up everywhere as Those Angered came out to Show the American Congress that They Had have Enough. Enough was Enough! They Said!

But the Origin of COVID-19 remains now a Trillion Dollar Murky Mystery. And Gene Studies were being carried out in Fine searching for the Origin. And even World Scientists said that there was No Way it came from China. But after Two years, the Smoking Gun still is pointing Towards China and their SECRECY. Even WHO went twice but was cutoff from getting close enough to a possible Truth.

Scientists even proved that COVID-19 could be created in a Lab. But where did it Start? Did it jump from a Bat? Or another living creature to man?

And then came the different Variations. President Trump blasted a Load of Massive Monies into finding a Vaccine. This one Act I think is his Greatest Moment in History. Without the Monies to find and Mass produce Vaccines, Many more would have Died.

But right now, another Massive Wave of COVID-19 Infections are spreading all across 🇨🇳. In two to three weeks, the 🌎 may once again see another COVID-19 Wave far worse than BEFORE begin spreading to the rest of the 🌎.

What happens next is anyone’s Guess. Everyone knows that wearing Masks works And for the Elderly, this may offer the best protection from another Wave if this Virus Spreads in 🇺🇸. Again! And we know all about different Variations. And with China now not imposing many Lockdowns, an even Deadly form of this Virus may Emerge. But we cannot let our Fears or Worries Control our Lives.

Life! Live it!