“Quantum Physics” is gonna Explode into High Gear in 2023!

Get ready. The closeness of the Universe is about to be at hand. In simpler terms so the average person will become a player. And you need to get ready for unbelievable discoveries. Time Travel like never before proven like never before is but a landscape away. And many wondrous features are about to be unleashed up in the Public. Ideas into practical applications with mathematics exploding into clusters of instant knowledge. And soon, we will be just like babes at a candy store of exciting knowledges

What is the most popular interpretation of quantum mechanics?

The most popular is the Copenhagen interpretation, a namesake of where Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr developed their quantum theory. Werner Heisenberg with Niels Bohr at a Conference in Copenhagen in 1934. Bohr believed that the wave function of a quantum system contained all possible quantum states.