Mining Diamonds from Crater of Diamonds State Park

After cleaning the material you take home, it looks like this-

I use a 1/20″ screen Gold Pan Screen to swirl the material around and around allowing the “finer material” to fall below and on to newspaper. But you let it dry overnight before putting into the Gold Screen Pan.

Washing and washing and washing and washing. In a big plastic bowl like the one above, I add water and wear rubber gloves to swirl the water for an hour or so. Then rinse it off after pouring it into the screen pan. But I let it set in soapy water overnight. That dark gritty material, It’s all covered with a dark gray Volcanic gritty material and dust. It turns into gray fines and falls down below my Gold Screen Pan. Then after days of going thru the material until you think you’ve seen it too many times, the illogical appears after tons of Viewing-Two Diamonds

Here’s when I found the 1st one before I cleaned the yellowish clay like chalk off of it.

And they appeared after I was Ready to pack the stuff away.

The littler one was found 1st. Then three days later, the larger one was. The smaller was stuck in a yellowish chalk like material. The larger had Volcanic Ash Dust hiding it even after multiple washing.

Here’s what the “fines” material looks like that fell through my Gold Screen Pan –

Even in the material above and below pics, there may be small diamonds. But the Volcanic Ash is hiding them and it still needs to be flushed and swirled in Soapy water. It’s a very persistent dust. Can you spot one?

Here it’s cleaned without the “fines”.

Found another Diamond today. Here’s the bucket of fresh washed material-

All three diamonds together-