FINAL REPORT Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol (845-pages)

Dang it! We wanted to know, but our hearts prayed nothing ever really Happened. Our Hearts and Minds gave him the benefit of Doubt. Then, after a very, very long time and over 1200 Interviews under Oath, the Deed done came to light in its fullness just like Christmas Dinner. But no, it wasn’t something pretty. Nothing beautiful. Nothing fun to view. Actually, it’s quite Ugly.

This J6 Final Report, and it’s 845 pages, It’s as real as it is revealed. A concealing of Criminal Activities far worse than Benedict Arnold came to disgraceful discoveries led by a bi-partisan panel of Congressional Representatives who did their non-joyful Duty. A Duty deeply carried out with integrity and not Political mumbo-jumbo. A Story far worse than the Assassination of JFK! An attempt to kill America itself had actually taken place. Committed right in our Living Rooms for all to see as we watched the Attack unfold. We saw, but we didn’t fully understand why it had taken place? A bunch of people angry venting out their Angers? But no, it was Far worse than that.

The Final Report is far worse and more informative like the Evening News Reports when Reporters brought the Vietnam War to our Dinner Tables. And these Findings are Uncontestable. They are Horrific. These revelations truly sully upon the very character of the Office of the Presidency and one unmissable man-Donald J. Trump. How could he? For Shame will now lay upon this Man for all Times. How Could He? Who did he think he was? For goodness sakes, there is no way to untarnish what was done. What he coordinated and attempted to achieve. It’s now stained into the very fabric of Time itself. Into our History that all of 🇺🇸 wants to forget. I want to forget. You want to forget? But unless He leaves Public Office behind, he could actually try to do it again. It’s now proven he engaged in sedition against Our Country, against all 🇺🇸icans. And that’s unacceptable. It cannot go Unpunished. He is not Above the Law!

To the Death of America! That is what the J6 Final Report proves was attempted.

Above is the 845 page Final Report. Download it and READ IT. If you are a true American, all of 🇺🇸 must do this. Knowing is the way we prevent it from ever happening again. It is a sad tale of greed and lust and power and vanity and actual conspiracy and crimes against 🇺🇸. Real ones. Not fake ones.

In America, we deserve Better Individuals in Office and not those so corrupt that they think they can steal Our Country from all of 🇺🇸icans. It didn’t Happen this time, but what about the next time? (SMH)