“Celebrate Christmas by candlelight…” Spoke Zelensky

Back in March of 2022, Zelensky talked to the American People and the United States Congress. And at the end of this Blog is His latest Speech on December 21, 2022.

His words were once even heckled by a few children sitting in the Gallery. But his traveling to America to delivery His Speech in person is a very admirable Act. An act of bravery.

But his Message is like ones that many other Countries vividly expressed to the World as Germany invaded them. And it comes again. Are these Modern Times or dark evil days?

Very real singularities and similarities exist and are now proven between Hitler and Putin. They are unmistakable. Undeniable. But is the World Watching? And are you Listening?

Hitler’s War quickly spread to the Entire World. And Putin’s War has affected the Entire World. His War has spread to the Entire World. No, not with engagements of Waring Armies or Navies or Air Forces. But it has crippled the Food Supplies and World Commerce.

And similar comparisons are now made by Putin’s own Justifications for War. Hitler called for the Extermination of the Jews. Putin called for the Extermination of the NAZIs. And were YOU listening? What will Putin use in calling for the Extermination of Your People? Putin already called for the Extermination of the Taliban in Afghanistan. And he Lost that War. There is a major Murder Suicide Pact or Flaw whenever anyone calls for the Extermination of any group of People. He may pick Who Next? The French? The Italians? The Germans? The British? The Americans? The Chinese? The Indians? The Japanese? The Phillipinos? The Mexicans? Who is Next? Is it You? Will you be next?

Listening to Zelensky’s Speech to the United States Congress Today, December 21, 2022 is a big deal for Americans and Your Country too. And everyone and anyone needs to make every effort to see or hear him talk. I did. And His words were not for popular appeal. His words will ring with the undertow of many, many, many Deaths. His words will ring with the massive amount of what a Hundred Nuclear Weapons could have done. Unbelievable Structural Destruction. Massive Destruction. Wholesale Deaths. But all of it was done by conventional Russian Weapons. Not Nukes. Death, Destruction, Scorched Earth, Frozen Bodies, Death, Injuries, Disease. Starvation. And still to go are the Mines, Russia has planted over 10 Million Land Mines in Ukraine. A lot of innocent people will find themselves without arms and legs if they are near when they go off. Just like after the Vietnam War. A lot of Vietnamese have Lost Arms and Legs since that ugly War.

Zelensky sending many Grain Ships to the Poorest of Nations was not a thing to bring him Praise. It was done out of a Great Man’s Humanitarian Heart. From Out of his own pains of seeing his people carrying a World’s Burden upon their shoulders that should have been done by many Nations only rests with Heroic Ukrainians. Solely with these brave men and women.

They cannot be allowed to lose.

Putin is a weak, sick and diseased person in an Old Man’s Body. His mind has become sickened from his diseased Body. And his Age is against him. He is an Unhealthy 70. He’ll never live to see 75 or possibly 71. And will the Russian People continue the Course of War or pull back on the Reins of War when Putin Dies? But what Putin has done will not be forgotten even after Putin Dies. And Putin’s Legacy has now grown into Vomit Soup. The worst of all. The Worst Leader of Russia ever will be Putin’s Stamp on History.

And here is Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s Speech to the American People and the United States Congress on December 21, 2022.