Should Elon Musk Step Down as Head of Twitter?

In an Article I was reading from the Washington Post, I shot this screenshot-

TESLA STOCK is Falling Hard! Walk away from one or lose Both?

Should he walk away? He’s proven he doesn’t have a Clue! His own Vanity is putting Twitter into the Garbage Can. And Tesla may soon follow. He is one Billionaire needing to Go! I left because I have No Respect for Him.

And if the Above Fail, SPACE-X may follow as well.

Tesla has already lost around $3 Dollars! Stock Holders are gonna Tank the Stock because they hace Lost Faith in Elon!

His staying in the News over Twitter is absolutely Hurting him with his Tesla Stock. He may soon have Two Bankrupt Companies instead of one.

I fully believe Musk has caused this to Happen…he doesn’t have a Clue how his Public Bellyaching and cry-babing about Twitter is affecting the confidence of Investors in Tesla. Why Yes ma Stock started falling. And when the Goose sells His STOCK, the Ganders will too. Tesla wants a New CEO too.

Trust is something Musk is quickening becoming VOID of. And Investors are bailing Ship. The Investors who put up $50 Billion for Twitter aren’t going to reap their Monies back. Were they misled as well?