Another $8000 per Mega-What or Mega-Who is Coming to the Texas Electric Grid Again? May we have another, Sir?

The dicky Money Dick is freshly cleaned and it’s sniffing feverishly like a Wild Boar rooting for Money in our Texas Back pockets for another $8000 per WTFster? Or WTFster? was it per What? $8000 per Mega-Who? Or Mega-What? You know, when they Can’t or WON’T provide all of Texas with enough Electricity to keep our Homes Lit and then JUMP ON THE GRID with their Electricity as soon as the Charge to anyone needing Special Mega-What grows to $8000 per WTFsters? MEGA-WHAT?

Only $8000 per WTFsters? Will bring their Electricity onto the Texas Grid. The Texas Grid? Need to change the damn thing’s Name to the PROUDLY Ready to FUKster TEXANS AGAIN GRID! Where Electricity bankrupts some and makes Billionaires out of others. And after the Mid-Terms, Texans didn’t learn a damn thing and are instead asking-

May we have another, please Sir? Can we have another $8000 per Mega-WTFster? Mega-What?

And they say They done Fixed it. With what? A popcorn fart?

Here’s what they supposed to have done-

  • 1. Generation facilities and transmission facilities are required to be protected from harsh cold, and ERCOT workers must inspect them to ensure they meet the new state standards.
  • 2. Generators that operate on natural gas must have an alternate source of fuel on-site.
  • 3. ERCOT maintenance periods were adjusted to better prepare for severe winter or summer conditions.
  • 4. New practices were created allowing ERCOT to bring more generation online sooner when demand squeezes the amount of available power. 

And just guessing but let’s look at each of the Above-

  1. It’s hard to Inspect from a Car or a 5-Star Restaurant. Right?
  2. WTF? No Natural Gas? Oh yeah, they now have a Herd of Elephants that some poor fool must rush out into the Cold and stick a Hose in each Elephant’s Butt to use Fart Juice in place of Natural Gas? Come on! You’re gonna have a week’s worth of Natural Gas on hand when the Natural Gas Company sends YOUR GAS to a Northern State paying more?
  3. You shutdown and do maintenance third week past Sunday.
  4. You bet they did. They now have a hundred Carrier Pigeons ready to Deliver Top Messages. All going to the State Capital.

Who cares?