“2nd Coming of Christ” by Evangelical Billy Graham

Evangelical Billy Graham gives an impassioned Sermon on the 2nd Coming of Christ. Why do we seek the Lord? Study the Word? Because each of us doing so are Sanctifying Ourselves.



  1. set apart as or declare holy; consecrate.”a small shrine was built to sanctify the site”Similar:consecratemake holymake sacredblesshallowset apartdedicate to Godanointordaincanonizebeatify
    • make legitimate or binding by religious sanction.”they see their love sanctified by the sacrament of marriage”Similar:approve sanction give the stamp of approval
    • free from sin; purify.”may God sanctify his soul”

There are Believers all over the World. Everywhere! There are No Countries on Earth without True Believers that the Lord is Savior. That thru His Blood, anyone can be Saved and Avoid The Damnation of Going to Hades when we Die to avoid Hades for an Eternity. And for those that have back ridden, time to straighten up and fly right.

Don’t Listen to anyone not walking with Christ. They are stuck in their Own L U S T. Their L U S T for S I N. Living in Sin. And they Love it.

DoHe Y O U can be that one Bright Person who believes like I do. And I’m writing Today to A S K everyone to Re-Engage in the Worship of the Lord. To unhinged yourselves from Sin. To pull yourself away from Lustful Sinful Ways that are pulling you ever closer to your Own Doom in Hades. The fiery ambers of Hades are resting on your Shoulders and you can’t see them or smell the burning of your own S O U L. Satan’s Hell Hounds are chasing after you and Saran loves you and your Sinful Ways. Sin is Creepy. Sin is Cheap. Sin is easy to Commit. Sin is ADDICTIVE! LUSTFUL SIN IS ADDICTFUL!

Pull Away! Pull yourself away from your own Sin. Buy is Sin what you have to have in order to Live?

And is that what you want? What you desire? So, no matter who you are or where you are, Know that God Loves You. God Cares for You. And yes, God is a God of Wrath. A God who can disintegrate the earth in the flash of light. But God’s Son Died for Our Sins to make a Way for all if us to enter the Most Holy of Places-H E A V E N.

ASK IN THE NAME OF THE BLOOD OF CHRIST FOR HIS SALVATION and it will be GRANTED. Just do it. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared. But don’t be foolish and ignore your Own Salvation.

Before you Go to Bed Tonight, write a List of every Sin you Committed Today. Write a List of How many Times you could have Witnessed to Someone but we’re too scared to do so.

And ask God to remove Your Sinful Ways. Ask for God’s Divine Help. Get back on the Right Path of Righteousness and Salvation. And work in the Lord becoming fully Sanctified. And now watch this Wonderful Sermon from Evangelical Billy Graham.

God bless you and your Family and thank you for reading this and watching the Video. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.