My Heart was Crushed!

You know what? We can’t always predict what we’ll see and it’ll crush our Hearts. Can we? Can you? What might it be that hurts you? A child Dying. A Parent Dying. A Spouse Dying. Each of us has something that we’ll see and it’ll hurt our Heart. We’ll feel it. Might be a favorite Coach. A Teacher. A Singer. An Actor. An Actress. An 🇺🇸 President.

But each if us have something that we’ll see and it’ll hurt so much our Heart hurts. Seeing the Pictures of the War in Ukraine is a Heart Crusher. Mass Shootings are too like the one in Uvalde, Texas. And I want to share something very important to me. So important that I wrote about it and put in a Novel.

In A Panther’s Father, the 1st Book in a four Book Series, I wrote about Bahu, an African Tribal Leader, who becomes involved in a strange and miraculous Journey. Bahu enters an almost mystical Kingdom of the Squirrels. And while there, he is presented many species of Animals and then the Oldest Living Tree in the World uprooted itself to go visit Bahu as well. The Magnificent Tree had to stop numerous times and re-root itself before it could make the entire Journey. But the Tree knew that by going to see Bahu, the Mighty Tree would see its own Death. And why willingly Die?


To give one Message for all Trees-

We Want To Live!

We want to live is the Message all the animals relayed to Bahu. And don’t you Want to Live?

Then late last night, I saw some things that really Hurt me. And I had no idea I felt this way so deeply. And here is some of it-


A recent passing of a man I hold dear in my Heart brought me back to my love for Trees. As a gesture in the Man’s Remembrance, I paid to have a Tree Planted in his Honor. And I ask that you do the same instead of buying Cut Flowers. At my own father’s funeral, I will never forget How the Room Stunk with the Staunch Smell of DEAD FLOWERS. I first noticed this Strange Odorous Smell at my great-grandmother’ funeral. So planting a tree is a good thing for all of us. It’s just another choice that I hope you’ll consider the next time you lose someone. And Thank You for reading my Crybaby Blog Today.

A clonal colony can survive for much longer than an individual tree. A colony of 48,000 quaking aspen trees (nicknamed Pando), covering 106 acres (43 ha) in the Fishlake National Forest of Utah, is considered one of the oldest and largest organisms in the world. Recent estimates set the colony’s age at several thousand (up to 14,000) years, although tree ring samples date individual stems at rarely more than 130 years.[1][2][3][4][5] A colony of Huon pine trees covering 2.5 acres (1.0 ha) on Mount Read (Tasmania) is estimated to be around 10,000 years old, as determined by DNA samples taken from pollen collected from the sediment of a nearby lake. Individual trees in this group date to no more than 4,000 years old, as determined by tree ring samples.[6]

But as soon as you say something, there are those that want to go Kill it. And why is that?

Trees Breathe. We Breathe. Trees aren’t cutting us down. Without our Big Buddies, we will see the End of the World. Sooner than later. But I don’t wish to engage in a Climate Discussion in this Blog right now. But late last night, I just watched video after video of all of these Magnificent 500-1000 year old trees being cut down with no nothing. No Sympathy. No Empathy. No Fanfare. No Discussion. Just Great Business. Lots of Money for Someone or Investors. Great for Business. Marvelous, Marvelous Money. In your Pockets? And just lots of DEAD Trees.

And how did you enjoy seeing the 500 year Old Trees leaving the Rain Forest? You saw them in one of the Videos above and if it touched your Heart as it touched mine, then I’m happy knowing I’m not the Only One. Or did it not even come to your mind until I said something? I know, I wasn’t thinking about Trees either until I saw these Big Magnificent Specimens Being Killed. Dead forever more…just like we will be one day.