What an incredible Bad Idea Texas Succession truly is?

What an incredible Bad Idea Texas Succession truly is?

And you may think that it’s a cool or a neat idea. But what these FOOLS are offering upon a Silver Platter is a true

2nd Civil War!

Here in TEXAS MONTHLY, there is an Article I read at home in their always upfront with Reporters always having their fingers on the Heartbeat of Texans in their Magazine. Simply exceptional writing by exceptional Writers.

What an incredible Bad Idea Texas Succession truly is?


I first heard of the seriousness of this Succession Rhetoric as approved on the GOP AGENDA. And it keeps coming around like picking up a used Cigarette and you relight it and smoke it even with its tarry taste. Addicts do acts of extreme Addiction.

And the GOP is Addicted to puking on the U.S. Constitution and telling the rest of the State’s to UP YOURS.. When Anti-Democrat Views corrupt the minds of once smart men is ridiculously stupid. Poorly thought out on every level. Succession is Lethal Thought. It is Seditious Talk and Acts of Sedition if attempted. Did these J6 Fools learn nothing?

And I still remember Haunting of Words told to the Texans after his Defeat after the San Antonio Victory. General Santa Anna said-

One Day, Mexico will retake Texas without firing a single shot.” And with the Hispanic Population in Texas now set to quickly outrun the White and Black populations, the Mexicans are heading to total engulfing of Texas into the Hispanic Culture. And most Texans aren’t even looking at the real Issues involved in doing the Big Break away from the 🇺🇸. In the above Article, Big Talkers have done their Bug Talking for their Cause.

But who’s going to play the Part of Paul Revere’s Famous Ride Again? TO ARMS! TO ARMS! The 🇺🇸icans is Coming from the East South North and Mexico is Coming from the West.

And the Big Talkers will quickly run to Cancun or BRAZIL to avoid being strung up and Hanged. All as the Armed Forces of America come to Texas Hell-Bent on putting the Ring Leaders in Guantanamo Bay.

Their own Words deceive them. Here are just a few-

…I think we take NASA, we take the military, we take the oil.” said Senator Ted Cruz. When we Succeed?

And how many of you reading this think that 🇺🇸 is just going to sit back and let Texas take NASA, The Military that is already here, and the Oil? So, as soon as Texas Succeeds from 🇺🇸, are these FOOLS going to Nationalize those Assets? And Shell Oil, EXXON-MOBIL, and others are going to sit back and let Texas Take their Oil? Their Gas? Their Wells?

Holy muck Rot to the Gut…it ain’t gonna go Our Way at all. Cha’ll think 🇺🇸 ain’t going get busy and burn a six hundred mile swath thru Texas Cleansing Texas of Communists Talkers?

To do this, we’re talking about a True Fascists COMMUNIST ACT on the Level of other Communist Countries run by Dictators. And the 🇺🇸 would immediately Order all Troops and Equipment Out of Texas. 🇺🇸 would Order all Planes and Air Bases to get the Heck out of Texas. And you better believe it, NASA will be Ordered out too.

And let’s see, How would you control the Millions of Texans who are not aligned with the Succession? And what all y’all thinks going to Happen or to be done when the Railroads are Shutdown? All Interstate Commerce comes to a Quick END. And the Only Helping Hands are going to be Mexico at a Price like Mexico Annexing Texas with Russia’s Help. Hmm…that Annexing thing would look very nice when Texas realizes it has alienated itself and quickly, the Drug Cartels will come a Calling too. And who in the World would recognize Texas as an Independent Republic? Communist Countries like Russia, Iran, China would. That’s who.

And just a few Strategic Missions to Takeout the Refineries here in Texas would take Gasoline out of Texas. Gasoline could quickly jump into $30-$100 a Gallon. And good luck on finding it.

But a great Effort would take place to Ask Texas to Stay. Then when push comes to Shove, the Armies of 🇺🇸, 🇲🇽, and 🇨🇦 would come knocking at Texas’s Doorstep. And then What? I see the Big Talkers losing their Big Bad Attitudes when they see Tanks come rolling down the Streets.

And their are Big Talkers wanting to put it all to a VOTE! STAY OR LEAVE? And how many must VOTE to make it Legal? I’m talking really Legal! Where every person living in Texas gets to VOTE. MUST GET AN OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE. The VOTE must be done like a Census where everyone Voted.

To allow just 37%-41% of Texas Voters to call or decide the future of Texas in a Succession VOTE ain’t gonna cut it. And Tuesday’s Vote most likely would turn into Bloody Sunday by the weeks end. And the Big Talkers are using the same 2021 Voter Lies or Anti-Democrat Talk to help pull off their own Wishes.

But people forget-DEAD IS DEAD. And anyone thinking Texas Succeeding from 🇺🇸 is a good thing might need to read about 🇺🇸’s 1st Civil War. And to think it won’t be a deeply bloody thing is stupid thinking. Not well planned or thought out at all.

UNLESS! There is a Secrecy Plan that is being firmly planned behind closed doors. And who might that be? COMMUNISTS are paying for the Big Talkers Talking? Are they behind this? And do they have a Back Door Plan to run away and then to come back after the fighting is OVER. Like racing to Cancun. Or Brazil. Or Venezuela. Or Argentina. Or Russia? Hmm…that last one seems very suspect to me. Or Cuba?

Is everyone in Texas ready to give up our easy way of Life? Think about how easy Life here in Texas really is. It is as easy as all get out. So easy, why are these Millionaires coughing up phlegm about Leaving America? Seems only the Rich are really the ones always stirring up one Shit Bowl of Shitty Things all the time. Over and over again. And I have to say, this one is the shittiest Idea yet.

But damn, they are S E R I O U S

But I’ll leave it with you. One day very soon, each of us may be Asked to give up our American Heritage and Sign a Blood Contract with the Texas Few. The Texas Big Talkers.

I won’t do it! I’ll never VOTE for Texas to De-State itself from the rest of the United States! I believe this is deeply rooted in a Communist Conspiracy! A Revival of Fascist Ideology!

And who would be the Dictator of Texas?