Million of Dollars worth of Gold Coins minted from Confederate Gold is still buried at “The W” in Coryell County, Texas on Fort Hood Lands

Boy Howdy, are you ready for a tale you might not ever heard from nobody? Or about? Or read in a Fortune Magazine. Well, I reckon I better tell all y’all bout it before I put on my Pearly Wings.

Way back in the early 70s, I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. No, not the Mexican Fort they got now. But the real Fort named Proudly after General Hood. And the residents of Coryell County did a whole lot of bending over backwards to help get Camp Hood going. Why? They love their Country and the Confederacy was deeply rooted in the local population and the name Fort Hood pleased them greatly. But the U.S. Government came in an ripped the property right out from under the Landowners to make a Place where Tank Warfare could be carried out. Tank Warfare could be practised. Why? For WW-II preparations.

But then comes the pics you need to Review closely before I continue to the Goldest story you ever heard. Now, for all of you Treasure Hunters, don’t get you Pants all wadded-up. These pics are of Coryell County, Texas. And you need to study them well. Here’s a Map pics of an 1836 Map. And THE W is on them. On one of them for sure.

Now, in the Past days of my life, I have always been a good listener. And I heard a lot of stories about WW-II and the CIVIL WAR. Coryell County has a lot of families who had members of their Family fight for the Johnny Red during the Civil War. And they brought home with them lots of stuff including cannons and all. And they buried them. They brought lots of Gold, Too. And the one tale I learned was the Story about Two Boxes that were filled plum Full with freshly Minted Gold Coins. And then buried. But these Coins weren’t Minted by the U.S. Government. Nope.

No, Sir. These were illegally Minted Gold Coins that were Minted in Coryell County, Texas. By a Counterfeiter. And these Gold Coins that he made had more Gold in his Counterfeit Gold Coins than 🇺🇸 had in theirs. But where did the Gold Come From? From Confederate Gold Bullion. And then comes a puzzling piece of the puzzle.

Somewhere on the Map pics is “THE W”. But what is it? Just a Place or a spot market on the Map? You need to get an idea of what a windmill for a water well looks like. Below are two pics. Then comes the rest of this Tale

Now, I was told ten full steps West of THE W and ten full feet down, two Boxes filled plum Full with Gold Coins are just buried there. And there they shall Stay. STAY THEY WILL

There is no way for you or I or anyone can go onto Fort Hood Lands without getting arrested. There is NO TRESPASSING SIGNS and you better believe it, they mean business if you break this Law and they catch you.

And what year were the Gold Coin Molds? But here are a few types-

And here’s another Question-What Size of Box?

And if it were a thousand or two thousand? How much would that be?

1000 x $5,500 = $55,000,000

2000 x $5,500 = $110,000,000

So, quite possibly there could be between $55-$110 Million Dollars worth of Gold Coins. But if them being illegally Minted, could they even be Sold? Does a Buyer really care? It could move up the Value to $200 Million Dollars worth of Coins or even $500 Million Dollars. The amount of Coins a person could put in some Boxes is significantly larger by the size of the Boxes used.

And these Gold Coin Molds used to make these coins were supposedly buried in a Horse Corral at THE W. Now, I did see a lot of old Corrals on Fort Hood Lands while out on Tank Training. You could tell they were very Old by the type of Barbed Wire there was around them. 10 feet West of a Windmill and 20 feet down.

So, there you got your Coryell County, Texas Gold Coin Tale of Minted Confederate Gold buried at THE W near where a Windmill once stood on Fort Hood Lands. You know what? It’d be pretty amazing if that Windmill still stood. But I was stationed at Fort Hood in the 1st Cav. And we were in the Field training all the time. And I never saw a single standing Windmill. And i never went Gold Coin Hunting because Metal Detectors weren’t that advanced back then and I’d got into trouble if they caught me digging ten feet deep holes searching for this amazing Amazing Treasure.

Now, do I believe it to be true? Sure, I do. The Elderly man who told me this Tale never lied to me. His tales always rang true when I checked them out. And once, he took or should I say, I drove him all over Fort Hood one day so he could reminisce his childhood where he lived and rode horseback to see neighbors and such.

He visited Our Family Lands that once became the Fort Hood Lands. J.H. Brown was Ours once. And he even showed me which Corral the Gold Coin Molds were buried in. I told him let’s dig them up and he said if we did, we’d spend the rest of our Lives in a Federal Prison. So, I dismissed all of it until Today and where he lived and hunted and fished. Now, you have been told the meat of the Tale without all the other fighting Indians tales and people getting hung for Horse Stealing way back then. Tales the Old gentleman knew by the back of his hand. One hanging he said he witnessed himself.

Just think, Millions of Dollars in Gold Coins buried ten feet deep in Fort Hood Lands. WOW! What an amazing thing finding that would be…and if you did, would you be in Violation of the Law possessing those Gold Coins? You’d be trespassing if you tried to find them. So, don’t try it. But metal Detecting all the Corrals would get you to THE W if you found the Gold Coin Molds and then you’d be in real Criminal Possession of Illegal Counterfeiting Gold Coin Molds and that might get you 20 years behind bars.

$50-$100 Million. Just imagine it. Gold! Wonderful, beautiful Gold.