Here’s what I wrote “FACE THE NATION” today


I wrote the FACE THE NATION Political Commentary Show about their 11-27-2022 Show that aired this Morning. And I wanted to share it with you as I know that no one wants a family member to be the next Victim of an enraged Gunman. So, here it is-

Dear Face the Nation Gang,

I love your Show.  This Morning, Your Show, reminded me of a constant pain that never goes away.  What is that?  It’s a multi-faced Hydra-Monster.  All wrapped up in Gun Issues and Mental Illness.  What is it?

First Off-My daughter is wheelchair bound after a .45 round ripped thru her body and ripped out part of her spine.  Now, I hang my head down having written a book entitled,  “Handgun Safety”.   And once, I had the Gun Safety and Handgun Safety Domains.  

After my daughter was shot I decided I didn’t know a Damn thing about Gun Safety.  

But after Retiring as a much Hated Texas Prison Guard by a lot of the Public, I actually saw and I learned about Real Mental Illness on a whole nother Level.  Sadly, I learned about and saw First Hand real Mental Illnesses.  

And I worked Administrative Segregation for over 10 years.  I helped Save two Offenders hanging themselves that I believed were Dead until God put life back into their Bodies.  I will always be thankful for that.  

And I’m proud to say that my Heart was always Open and I could emphasize with the Offenders and I helped them make it in Seg. Lockdown.   I think my own PTSD helped me realize I wasn’t alone in fighting mental pain.  And this allowed me to care.  And I listened.

But for Guns, I will always believe that Gun Shows need all Guns at them need to be Registered both by Seller and Buyer.  This will solve a great loophole. 

And All Guns need their Magazine Capacities reduced to a sane amount of Rounds.  In the Military, I only had 20-rd Overseas for my Gun.  Why do Deer Hunters get 20, 30, 75, or 100 rounds to Kill a Deer?  Or a crazy need to Kill lots of fellas or children?  It’s inconceivable that so many rounds are now in these Magazines for Guns.  It’s Insane and blindness of thought.  And it’s all about $$$$.  

But in the Texas Prisons and I worked at four Units,

I sadly learned to recognize most Mental Illnesses.  And some I cannot get out of my mind.  They were very sad.

But honestly, no one ever knows what a person is thinking unless their Body Language says something or their mouth is spewing maniacal words.  And not one mental definition fits them all.  

And one thing bothers me still, there is a saying among the Offenders-If I kill a Fella, I get 7 more years of Life.  And there are those that believe that shit.  And I heard that often at one Unit. A real Hardcore Unit.

But actually, I’m not sure why I am even writing you.  These emails are only for trash cans, right?  And there are too many, right?  But-

I don’t think people really give a Shit until they have a Gun Event in their own Immediate family.  And after the Event, I hear these same repeating words-It’s not fair.  Those are the words the Victims family will be saying.  I said them.

Does everyone Carrying a Gun help like here in Texas?  You tell me?  Is it?  Does it?

I think it’s all become a Dinosaur’s Rhetoric Table of Political Stunts.  The Louder the roar, the more those crying will hear you over their sobbing or those laughing.

No one will ever agree on what to do or provide the money for Mental Places to take in the mentally ill.  Why?  No one can come up with a real definition that fits all cases or protection from Lawsuits.

I’ve always believed a Non-Violence Team needs to be Called out whenever possible on Mental 911 Calls where a weapon is not involved.  Families need to be encouraged to be more proactive in stopping their mentally ill siblings.  But they too fear injury.  The Mentally ill do often times have almost Super Human Strengths.  I’ve seen it.  One such person took nine to take that person down.

And in my experiences, I believe there are two types-Real Mental Illness caused by real health issues such as Alcohol or Drugs or a gene issue.  And secondly,  one caused by an mental state of mind caused by an overabundance, over focusing of  Vengeance or Revenge thoughts. 

Gun Stores cannot detect the future Mad Killer.  Most won’t act like they want to kill a fella while buying Guns.

What can be done? 

Give a fella a Place to go to like a 24-Hour Timeout Facility.  Where they can talk to Specialists and get three good meals and a bed and a shower and a ride home.  And get the Meds they might need or cannot pay to Refill.

Skip the Jail and go straight to a “Timeout Facility”.  With “What happens there, Stays there”.  Unless a Crime is committed.  But during that 24 hours, the person could be referred to the right places and people they might need to see.  Or another 24 hours stay if the person agrees to it.  

Kids Today understand what Timeout is.  And Adults do too.  So why not Correctly Label(proper understanding of what these Places are is paramount) and Create these Timeout Facilities?

Yes, sounds kind of silly.  Adult Timeout.  But I think it will work.  Instead of taking them to Jail where they’ll simply be thrown into a Cell.  And some will hang themselves when they only needed someone to listen to them.  Many are missing the picture entirely.  And many more will die

But Adult Timeout Facilities could be created very quickly.

Enough said.


James Brown

Well, I watch the Politicians rack up one political speech after another every time Any form of Gun Stuff comes up. I’ve been watching it for a lifetime and so have you. And deep divides are in the discussions.

But, let’s face it. No one wants to get Shot! By a Gun rotting Idiot! And I can only offer up what I know from my own personal experiences. But let’s Face it, America continues to have an overabundance of Gun Rotting Idiots out for Revenge or just wanting to make the 5:30 News.

Reasons for their Killing 🇺🇸 differs from person to person. So, we can only generalize for their Actions. Buy killing 🇺🇸 and our Kids has No End. No End in Sight.

I used to Hunt but don’t have the desire any more. And I fault no Hunters. I have no fault with a Buyer who can legally buy a Gun. If it’s legal, it’s Legal.

But! I do fault the sloppy keepers of their firearms. I do fault the Politicians for not coming up with a real way to deal with the Mental Illnesses that have swept across our Country. But how does anyone really address it? How? I don’t think there’s enough Money to solve it. I think many would rather just keep stoking away Rainy Day Money to put into Political Stunts instead.

The Timeout Places is a Quick Fix to the Mild to Moderate Mental Cases but not the Severely Mentally Impaired. Those need fully trained Staff capable of taking down a fella. Those in a state of Drug Induced Mental Impairment may or may not be applicable to a Timeout Facility. Suicidal Cases might unless they are CUTTERS and are already cut up. Even for a simple Timeout Facility, many wouldn’t be capable of Agreeing on What it is or How it should be run or Which Folks could be sent to it. Or what folks would be paid to be there? Who?

But with No Funding, nothing Happens. Just more and more Killings. And can 🇺🇸 ever get a grip on Stopping it? I think not. Slowing it maybe. Stopping it? I think not.

Yes, who would ultimately decide on a Candidate for a Timeout Facility? A Judgement must be made. But who decides? And could a Fair assessment be made minus Racial Profiling? Hmm…suddenly, Race has entered the question And it always will. Maybe for ever?

But unless everyone is willing to think about a Solution, then we could be one positive step away from at least one thing Happening. And what would that be?

Legislative funding to see if Timeout Facilities could aid in slowing the Gun Violence here in Texas and how much would it cost and how would it be Carried Out? What Rules would be implemented? Or would a few Cities be Tried Out for such a New and Simple Approach? Such an easy thing suddenly becomes a terrible legislative run around the Tables Match. And then what? Tossed out without any Funding. No Agreements made. Just more and more Deaths.

A safe approach to 911 Mental Calls where a person can be taken to where they can get Help. No, not on the same Level as Hospital Help needed or Help only Jail will solve. And not on the same Level as a Mental Hospital.

A Safe and Caring Place. A Place with Folks who Listen to the Mentally Needy. And folks who have the Mental Snap to solve problems like providing insight to a good Job…How many Suicides could be stopped? Could a Timeout Facility prevent the Death of your son or daughter? When the only thing they really needed was someone to listen to them? Ouch…Can you put a price on your Child’s Life? I think not. I think not.

Enough said…