An Asteroid the size of 300 Soccer Fields will Strike Moscow in 2023

A-2023, An Asteroid so Massive, most of Russia will no longer exist after 2023. This isn’t a World Ending Event, but it’s so incredibly Massive, Russia has no choice but to evacuate to Ukraine. Yes, Ukraine is the only place Russians will Survive this Super Explosion and Shock Waves that will put Russia back a thousand Years. Mate, this may be the super sneaky reason putin invaded Ukraine thinking it’s be a pushover. But, the poor Ruskies have been kept in the dark. Total Darkness.

This incredibly Massive Asteroid was seen 49 years ago by a team of Russian Scientists but they have kept its existence completely secret. And brother, when it Hits, there’s gonna be a Shock Wave felt around the World. In a sad way, putin is destroying the very houses the Ruskies are gonna be sharing the the Nazi and Sadists living in Ukraine. And holy Whoops, how these folks are gonna tangle when Russia begins full scale evacuations into Ukraine.

But when are they going to be told? Never? What a way to go. Beats Freezing to Death, doesn’t it all you Ruskies? Maybe a few days before it Hits, they’ll let you know. That’s be nice.