Thanksgiving…Time to reflect…Creepy Critters….Snakes…Prison…And Dinosaurs…WTH? Who’s telling this Story?

The Living Breathing James Brown, that’s who.

Reflections. And what are yours? Gonna be with Your Family on Thangsgiving? Or extended family? No matter what you do, be careful. Drive Safely. Or be a nice person on that Plane. We know everyone is gonna want to get to their destinations are quickly as possible. And nice moods are gonna be hard to find. Just take a few moments to double check your luggage and especially when you come back home again. Sleeping in strange beds are gonna make us grumpier. But it’s time to Reflect in your Blessings.

Thanksgiving? And what does it mean to you? No, it’s not the Day to go way back and harbor on the Pilgrim Days. You weren’t there. Keep the drinking to a minimum. Or not at all. At our Holidays, Drinking wasn’t allowed. But having been raised around a family of alcoholics, I avoid them today. I’m sorry but I lost my sympathy for Drunks when I Quit Drinking myself. If I can quit, so can you. And trust me, I know it’s difficult to QUIT. But you just do it. Control it before IT CONTROLS you.

My uncle who was the biggest Alcoholic I ever knew told me to never be a Gin Freak or Vodka Drunk. He said that both of these alcohols would hurt you like no others. Turn you into a Huge Addict. With the shakes And all. And why there isn’t a Warning Lable and TV Ads warning against These Dangers of Alcohols is a surprise. Not just Driving Drunk. But dang. You get two DWIs in Texas, you are gonna do a 10 year Prison Term. And don’t laugh. It can happen to you.

I Retired a Texas Prison Guard and trust me, I saw the after effects of long term Alcohol and Drug Usages. My last Unit, the J.W. Hamilton Unit, in Bryan, Texas is a Texas Prison that has a six month mandatory Program for Offenders in Texas. For years, I saw over 1000 new Offenders every six months who were Drug Addicts and they then added Alcohol Addicts too. And neither Program is a Cake Walk. The Offenders go thru a full blown SIX MONTH Program. And most go on Probation when they finish it.

But Dang. I met people from every sector of the Job Market locked up for DWIs and Lots of Crimes caused by Drug or Alcohol influences. College Professors and all. You name it, I saw them. Judges too. Sheriff’s. You name it. One was an actual Surgeon. People just can’t run away from the Laws in Texas. You cannot Beat the Laws in Texas when it comes to Driving And Drinking. And the Holidays are a sad time for most Offenders wishing to be home with their Families. Yes, they still have families. And their families Love them. The only good thing about the Holidays in Prison is a better day of Meals. It may be just a Breakfast and then a Big Thanksgiving Meal. At one Unit I was at, the Offenders went to the Chow Hall and got two plates filled full, I’m talking Way Full, with one being Meats and Vegetables and Rolls and the other topped with Desserts. They took them back to their Dorms. It was amazing. But the Other Units, the Offenders ate a Big Meal in the Chow Hall. But again, they were noticeably sad. I’d be cold hearted to not see it. I saw it. And I emphasized with them. For them. And working Administrative Segregation, the Holidays were much worse for those guys locked up in a single Cell. And missing the TV and Football Games hits home for some. But in the Dorms, the Football Games are a distraction from the Blues everyone is feeling. Yes, all of us feel the Blues On Holidays if you have to work. No matter where you work.

But what are the Holidays to you? What’s this Thanksgiving to you? Having not Died of Covid is a Blessing. And remembering those that have is on my mind. It hurts knowing these people who were taken out by a mysterious deadly virus. And it’s Origin is still on everyone’s minds. But not as much as the New Concern-the War in Ukraine. And those 13-16 Million refugees having left Ukraine is pretty sad and disgusting. No one can tell any of us what and why Putin did the unthinkable. But it’s all about a Land Grabbing Thug. That’s all he is and he expects the World to kiss his Keyster. Don’t do it. Giving in to these Thugs is how they rule the World if you let them. But we can’t do that.

And Thanksgiving is no different from any other holiday. There’s been the Huge Big Friday Deals that been going on for a month now. But I remember when my wife and I went to two different stores at the same time to get Tv sets for the kids rooms. But maybe don’t do that. Why? If you do, you won’t see them any longer except passing thru the hallway. Lol

But the food price increases and other items aren’t any different than any bigger years. What Sucks is the fact that all of these manufacturers are still making smaller and smaller packages and charging the same damn price. Totally insane bull. And we are noticing that Crap. But you’ll get the Holiday Anxiety if you watch only the News! And more shows are adding Newsy Stuff or Guests and more are Adding the Mini-Shopping Channel to their Shows and adding Cooking stuff to their Shows as well. The new Competition is crazy wild madness. I don’t want to see Bleeding Heart Liberal Talks right in the middle of a Cooking Show. And it’s happening more and more. I’m not going to mention the Shows but you know what I’m talking about.

And the last minute shopping for grocery items. And last Thanksgiving, the stores ran out of Cranberry Sauce for the turkey meat. I love me some Candy Turkey. It’s like adding Jelly to the Turkey so you can shovel more turkey into your Gut. I think that’s why they get us addicted to more sweet items to add to your Grocery List.

And we’ll be having Turkey, Southern Style Cornbread Dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, butter, cranberry Sauce, green bean casserole or broccoli cheese rice casserole. And Pies! Chocolate and Pumpkin and Pecan pies and coconut meringue pies. But I got to drive so I won’t be eating as much. But being with family is what it’s all about. Yesterday, a friend I really loved his company passed away. And a very long time ago, We went hunting in the east Texas swamp one time and after about 30 minutes we found a guy LOST in it who was 10 miles from where he went in. The guy had a brand new lever action rifle with scope and a price tag still hanging down from the trigger guard. He was a very happy man. But sad when Blake, my friend, told him where he was and how far he had to go to get back on the road. We were miles in ourselves. Lol. It was about a 6″-8″ deep in that swamp that we walked on semi solid ground and deeper at other places and we had rubber rain boots on. We only saw him, the lost guy, and snakes. Lots of snakes. Lots and Lots of snakes. I never seen so many water snakes. Poisonous ones too. One alligator. Lots of those creepy critters. Slimy critters slithering all across your arms, neck or legs. Or in your pants or in your boots. All over you giving you that creepy feeling. Don’t you hate Snakes and oh, yes, the SPIDERS. Lots of spiders falling on you and your caps. Crawling down your neck. And mosquitoes…

But you know, I was watching a Legendary Type Fishing Show one day on TV and they were fishing for a strange and super big Fish that was very elusive And difficult to catch. And then this Guy in the Show went into a deep village deep in the Jungle and these Natives were talking in some special Native Jungle Talk. But this one Native, his hand jesters didn’t match what the Show Host said he was saying. So, I contacted the American Embassy in that South American Country and asked if he could have the native man’s words translated.

And in about three weeks, I got a Call and it was the American Embassy with a translation. And I was dumbfounded at what I heard. The Native Man wasn’t talking about big Fish In the River but three types of Dinosaurs that were alive in the Jungle. And as I heard the translation I recorded and watched the video again, I was then SHOCKED! The man was visibly scared. And he was scared of something, but it wasn’t the fish they were going after. I think everyone watching saw the same thing I saw. The man’s hand jesters were not showing a Fish Story. A fish Tale? No way. He was describing these three types of Dinosaurs that were in the Jungles around the River and they scared the poop out of him. And still very much alive. Had they survived the Dinosaur Extinction event and if so, by what means? Now, I thought about that. Maybe, they were at one time living in the water and then evolved to the Land after the Extinction event. But exactly what types of Dinosaurs were they? The man described all three saying each could swallow a man with just one bite. His arms making a Huge Mouth and then chomping down. Holy Cow! Real Dinosaurs? Oh my.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, published a 1912 novel called “The Lost World,” set in the remote Venezuelan jungle where dinosaurs still survive in modern times. And are they alive? It’s hard to think that they were all Killed out. So, the logical chain of insightful thinking is that some did survive but in places where Man is afraid to go or so thick with growth that thin skinned man cannot go. And many who went in never came back out.

Years ago, about well, I won’t discuss that but it was a very long time ago. A Colonel and I had hopped into a Taxi overseas and we were traveling to the Capital of this Country and suddenly the Colonel told me a strange tale. Texas, a name for a B-52 he had just been on did an experimental Test of something which he wouldn’t or couldn’t say what it was. But he said that they had proof Dinosaurs were roaming in South America. He said it’d be too difficult to get to them because of super thick Jungles. Maybe God planned it that way. And I guess if you see one, you’ll be their Supper. Yep, they’d be dining on you.

But Thanksgiving. You see, you now got snakes and Dinosaurs to discuss when the room goes blank for lack of things to talk about. Or someone tells you or asks you to put down your Cell Phone. And of course, you’re Welcome. But I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. And don’t forget to discuss Christmas Gifts if you still are a Late Shopper.