could elon musk be held financially responsible for what trump tweets if trump is indicted?

if trump is indicted? and then uses his twitter account to call all of his followers “To Arms” and they do arm themselves and take to the streets or go to where ever trump orders them? could elon be held responsible for any and all damages they might do if and when trump’s followers take to the streets? if they came out in the millions, the damages they might do could reach a trillion dollars and if they hurt people too, can elon be held responsible? how many might die? I don’t know nothing for sure, do you? what do you think? I hope nothing happens but I do worry. I dropped my twitter account because I don’t trust musk. And I fear musk’s twitter platform could be severely hacked when their security guards fail from lack of staff. millions might be hacked financially…i fear that. u might 2? I think he likes starting fires…both seem to…don’t they? maybe I don’t have a right to ask, but don’t you worry too? should we ask? Would you ask? twitter might be best called musk’s new-era babylon?