Last Night, I watched News Videos from Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, and Belarus. What I found was Alarming

Let’s look at the Videos. And alone, no big Deal. But together, we may truly be on the Brink of Nuclear Armageddon. And I think Putin’s Paranoia of NATO and The West may have just imploded-

The above Video from Belarus shows 70-100 Missiles, large Missiles, were REMOVED from Belarus, SECRETLY, and moved to Russia Territory near Ukraine. These Missiles are capable of carrying Nuclear Warheads. The move could be strategic or one of two items-
  1. Putin Removes the Evidence from Belarus where Russia Missiles were being Fired against Ukraine.
  2. A less Reported Story of a Training Mishap between Russian And Belarus Soldiers in Belarus was the Cause of the Poland being hit.
  3. In Russian Territory, the eyes of the World cannot see what is being put on the head of each Missile.

Russia said it would not use Nukes in Ukraine. But in order to takeaway Ukraine’s Ability to generate Electricity which is what Putin has been doing for almost a Month now by doing over 200 missile Strikes. So, who do you think is Shelling the Nuclear Power Plant? The Largest in Europe? If you have evidence, please tell the World because the World cannot understand why a Super Power would risk a far worse Chernobyl Nuclear Accident? It’s unthinkable. But freezing the Ukrainian NAZI is what Putin is saying in Russia.

Russian Missile with a Dummy Nuclear Warhead fired into Ukraine. Why? Exactly Why? Putin knows the difference between using a good missile and a Bad missile. Putin likes to Test just like he Tested his Army before sending them into Ukraine on Feb. 24.

The number of Russian Personnel killed is harrowing. And Putin has used 4700 Missiles in Ukraine. These Missiles use a chemical that Scientists have said might cause a World Drought. And it appears they have done exactly that.

So, isn’t testing a Missile with a DUMMY Nuclear Warhead more Proof that Putin is walking closer to using what he said he wouldn’t use? Well, what’s your Verdict? Is Putin now heading the World into Nuclear Armageddon? The World wants to know? And would his Submarine Commanders follow Putin’s Launching Nuclear Missiles Order knowing that such an Act would cause incomprehensible consequences on the Russia Homeland as well?

Above Video discusses the Dummy Nuclear Warhead.

And finally, here comes the “CHESSMATE” move that says Putin is quite Possibly cleaning the Button on his Nuclear Weapons Briefcase with an itchy finger. It’s the Flying Putin Bunker he uses in a Nuclear War. This Act makes the Nuclear Weapon Usages at a closer possibility of 85%?

Russia Tests ‘Flying Kremlin’ Il-86 Aircraft To Communicate With Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines – Reports

Russia Tests ‘Flying Kremlin’ Il-86 Aircraft To Communicate With Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines – Reports

Now, alone, none of the above events are all that troublesome. But collectively, they do appear to be pointing without reservation that Putin may indeed be planning on upping his Ante in his Ukrainian War and He could now irrationally cause either a Nuclear Catastrophe and then go into his Flying Fortress and once Airborne, he’ll tell the Russian People that he has No Choice but to use Nuclear Weapons on The West and NATO to SAVE the Russian Motherland? To even think that Putin is considering using the Nuclear Weapons on his Submarines is utter sickness. He may become the biggest Turkey in your upcoming Thanksgiving.

And in several News Reports I watched last night, They said Putin believes that the West or NATO are planning a Retaliatory Strike against Russia. Okay, then where is Your Evidence to say this? And why? Why suddenly would the West Or NATO plan a Retaliatory Strike? Why? Pray tell the World Why? Or is this just further paranoia that Putin has and ‘why’ they say is the reason He attacked Ukraine? But also, is Putin now giving Hints to his Allies of IT’S COMING SOON? And maybe to tell them to get ready too? Get ready for it?

Paranoid or Not, no sane person talks using Nuclear Weapons Today unless that person Really has some marbles loose. A screw lose. And capable of such an insane move? But Putin has stated that the World Population must be reduced. And has he decided he’s the one to do that? smh.