Your Story of America begins the day you are born and Ends the day you die…and that’s all you’re entitled to.

I’m always amused at what new group of Americans come up with as the newest and the latest new Thing. Right or Wrong. Good or Bad, it’s the same old thing. In with the New and out with the Old. It’s the way it’s always been done until now.

Too many Old Goats are holding onto the reins of Power until the day that they die. Why? They have no Home Lives. Many are Hated at Home and by their Families. Their families are dysfunctional. They concentrated on so many other things that they left out their family members. But Divorces are also a part of these dysfunctional families. Children hating their Parents. Parents having their Children and blaming the other spouse as to why they Have Problems. Why little Jonny is a pain in their butts. Why little Tooty is a real fruity-toot.

But forget the Problems that aren’t yours. Own the ones you own. But your America starts with the day you are born. And it ends the day we die. Blaming others for your Problems is what fools do. The only way you can improve your circumstances is by working Hard. Lazy Butts are loafers and they earn exactly what they are worth.

But blaming others is such a childish thing to do. You will learn that nothing is ever equal.. Not really. It never is or ever Was. You’ll learn that “you” are in a place in the World and makes any of us just the tiniest dot on this earth. You may never ever be noticed at all. Some may find fame. Some may find Money and Wealth. Many will have it given to them. While others will be poorer than dirt itself. But you don’t have to wallow like a pig in your own mud. You can climb out of your pen and go get Educated. You can learn a Good Trade. Earn money for a family, home, and car.

But don’t stay stuck in a rut. You must be the bigger person and set your Own Goals. Only you can architecture Your Goals. But you won’t sitting in front of a gaming console. You live on your Cell Phone, get ready to get hit by a truck. And I hate to say it, but these little devices have cursed the lives of many a fool who would kill for just ten more minutes of battery time.

Priorities are whatever you make of them. You Aren’t Owed a damn thing and those pumping that Crap into your heads are ones wanting a free ride in life. Join in any Cause needs to be studied before taking the Pledge. Any Pledge! Know your Facts. Know your Friends. Know your Enemies. And do learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes, we get down. We get the Blues. Sometimes we feel like the World is out for us. But feel that stuff back in and refill the bad thoughts with great thoughts. Only Losers are always stoking the fires for others to put out. Be a Strong you. An individual You. Only one of you. And none like you. And have a great time here on earth.

A sophomore high school girl drew this picture when Covid Hit. How we see the World thru Tragedy is sometimes a kaleidoscope of feelings.

Just enjoy you Life. And go fly a Kite…