The World’s Number One Crisis-Drought!

Lack of H2O, water, is hitting the World hard. Many were ignoring the Conditions and the Signs and now, most are suffering from Water Conditions. This Growing Lack of Cloud Waters is an Ominous precursor to Worst Things to Come. But when the Lakes Dry, the Rivers Dry, THERE will be No Moisture for the development of Clouds. No Moisture to grow Clouds large enough to deliver meaningful rain. What are the Causes?

  1. Man’s Over Use of Lake Waters for Towns, Cities, and Irrigation.
  2. Man’s Over Use of River Waters for Towns, Cities, and Irrigation.
  3. Forest Fires have accelerated the drying of entire Regions of Lands.
  4. Man’s constant Over Use of Lake Waters to fight Forest Fires.
  5. Removal of the World’s Rain Forest.
  6. Over Use of Water Parks in America.
  7. Too many Swimming Pools being needlessly filling every Few Days at homes and elsewhere.
  8. Excessive waters going to Vineyards popping up in the driest most remote Locations taking up excessive waters not used till now.
  9. Excessive waters given to Tree Farms of Fruit and Nut bearing Trees.
  10. Bottled Water Industry. Soda Water Industry.
  11. Global Warming.

The above Industries using massive amounts of water aren’t going to change unless they have no water. There are no smoothies to quickly make things great again.

Did you Notice that last one? I put it at the End as it is still being Argued in a Modern Society of Scientists and Non-Scientists as to what is truly happening. But no matter what anyone calls it, It’s mankind’s 8 Billion People on Earth needing and using Water like there is no tomorrow. Or die? Not a choice. But man has definitely done it to himself. But man is using Water at an incredible Rate and it is having an alarming impact. An Impact so damaging that the Lack of Waters will soon be entering Dire Extreme Conditions. And then we might enter into a Cycle of No Return. And what then?

And I have repeatedly said that America must build a Major Water Pipeline from the Great Lakes to the West Coast Or Western States. I know we have an Agreement with Canada not to use the Great Lakes Waters, but we need to renegotiate that because we are in a Hot Mess. This must begin NOW! I believe this so much that I wrote the Biden Administration but have still not received a Response. By Refilling the Big Lakes needing Water, this one Action will Jumpstart the Updraft of Atmosphere Moisture Back and create Moisture Prosperity. It really will. And like falling Dominoes, the rest will correct itself. But the time of fixing this is rapidly disappearing and cannot be Done in a few Weeks. This Action must begin now before we enter the Danger Zone. Or, are we already there? A Major Water Pipeline on the same Level as the ALASKAN PIPELINE must begin ASAP! This cannot wait. And you say, we don’t need to do this. You say Mother Nature will fix herself. No, she won’t when mankind is sexing Mother Nature like a Five Cent Hooker and stripping her of her Life Giving Moistures. She cannot do it alone. She can’t even put her makeup on any longer. Mankind must take corrective actions to aid Mother Nature or Expect far worse than you’ve ever seen to occur.

As the Air Current flows West to East during the Growing Seasons here in America, the Biggest absorption of moisture begins in the West and moves Eastward across the Continent. But when the Clouds don’t develop in the West, they aren’t going to develop in the Midwest either. The Rainfall Numbers prove it. And 70-90% of America is lacking in rainfall numbers. Yes, we are. And no, it’s not the Oceans Moistures that are going to fix this. When Ocean Moisture hits the West Coast, it is quickly evaporated with a brutal Western Blast of elevating Hot Dry Airs. A crippling Heat Blast awaits the Pacific Moistures along the West Coast.

And crops have Failed at an alarming Rate. Texas’s Cotton Crop is down 60% and the fields have been plowed under because there is no irrigation waters, no rain. And it’s not just Cotton. And when you suck all the Underground waters out and dry up your Water Wells, once DRY, they won’t be Coming back. But the ones without the Power to do anything are stuck just watching all of these circumstances take place. And we are the Losers. Call all of us the Loser Children. We are the watchers watching out Destiny unfold right in front of us and we can’t do a damn thing because the ones in Power haven’t deemed it an Issue. They don’t see a Crisis in the Making. But it is…

And Europe and China have all now undergone an alarming new Shift into the Worst Droughts of 70 years and in some cases, Centuries. Yes, this is a Global Phenomena taking place. And yes, it’s mostly Mankind Driven by Overuse of Water. Lack of real Water Conservation have all taken place way too late. Countries with sight to see it coming did little to take corrective actions abd now, the World is suffering. Most of the World is suffering like never before. And it’s only going to get worse.

Lake Mead is just 27 percent full, its lowest level since the reservoir was filled in 1937.  It is currently at around 1041′ and at 1000′ there won’t be enough Water flowing to run the Hydroelectric Generators. And Our Reservoirs were full 20 years ago.