America needs to Get into Action! Extreme Water Crisis is Coming!

For those not wanting to Read about the Water Crisis, here’s a Movie on the German Version of D-DAY

As long as you’ve got running water in your house, a water problem isn’t on your Concerns List. But it needs to be! America’s fires and vast, never concerned use of Water is causing a Timeless Ripple Effect. And it’s going to translate into-

  1. Dry Lakes.
  2. Dry Wells.
  3. Dry Rivers.
  4. No Running Water in your Homes.

Over the past 50 years, the U.S. has warmed 68 percent faster than the planet as a whole,” the report finds, noting that the change reflects a broader global pattern in which land areas warm faster than the ocean, and higher latitudes warm more rapidly than lower latitudes.

Is the climate warming?

Yes. Earth’s average surface air temperature has increased by about 1 °C (1.8 °F) since 1900, with over half of the increase occurring since the mid-1970s [Figure 1a]. A wide range of other observations (such as reduced Arctic sea ice extent and increased ocean heat content) and indications from the natural world (such as poleward shifts of temperature-sensitive species of fish, mammals, insects, etc.) together provide incontrovertible evidence of planetary-scale warming.

But of all the Studies, which are you going to accept? Or are is it all just Hubris? Hubris to benefit who? Everyone unwilling to accept the Science will quickly claim all of it as Hubris. But the tough questions begin with this-

Are enough of the Countries in the World taking Actions that will Halt the Death of Our Planet? I think not. I think not.

But in 12 years or sooner, Homes. It’s happening right Now! Drought will have over half the Country Water Dry. So Dry, the Great Dust Bowls will reHomes.And migration of People will be Shocking for some Cities. Overloaded and Overburdened with horrific Impacts are coming. I used 12 years to be kind. It is already happening. Right now! I’ve been writing about it and a Big Solution.

And no matter how many times I write about the never Ending Water Crisis that is unraveling in Regions in America, people aren’t onboard and never will be. The effects are already being seen. Crops have burned up in the fields because of No Rain or little rain. And you will SEE the Results in your Prices you’ll be paying for food and other Items…

If America will refill Lake Mead which will refill other lakes and rivers, this one Action will Jumpstart Mother Nature and the Rains will return!

Clouds need Moisture! And Lakes and Rivers provide a lot of this.

It’s doesn’t take an old wise Owl to figure out how Mother Nature works. But when moisture from the Pacific is hit with a Wall of Dry Heat Blasting Warmth, rain is evaporated and never hits the ground. And then the Dust Bowls return. Dust Storms not seen in generations are coming.