Just imagine, if you will, this is Your Country

No matter where you live, there are Other Countries that WANT what you HAVE…and Russia wants what Ukraine HAS! But look at these pics and think how they might impact you when Russia comes after YOU!

This railway bridge leads to the easternmost region of Ukraine – Luhansk.
We will restore this bridge, like hundreds of others.
And we will restore our eastern border.

Your life? Working War Machines?

Inside a Hot, Sweaty BEAST?

And you are Proud of Your COUNTRY! Keeping up Morale is important as Russia takes out Your Electricity to FREEZE all of your Families in Winter. Can you imagine this Could Be You in Your Country?

Even a beautiful moment is a cherished, almost Religious Experience, when they come, but Death may come next with Blown Out Ear Drums, missing eyes and Limbs…Can you imagine this may be You one Day?

Marta Llopis 🌻🧶 (@LlopisMarta95) tweeted at 1:28 AM on Sun, Nov 06, 2022:
We can never thank enough for the sacrifice of the Ukrainian warriors facing absolute evil. Thank you, heroes. #UkrainianArmy 🇺🇦https://t.co/biuiBdaQhq

The Defence of Ukraine’s Daily Report is now a Shocking Reminder if what Russia has Lost and should be a strong inducement for Russia to End this War. But it apparently isn’t. Would it be enough for you r Leaders?

Here is the plan:

  • First, we will stop you ✅
  • Next, we will drive you out of our land
  • Then we will remove this rusty debris.
  • Last but certainly not least, we will rebuild our county.

New $400M US security assistance package is another step towards the victory of good over evil and an investment in a safe 21st century.
Each air defense system will save dozens of 🇺🇦 lives. Each tank will destroy hundreds of invaders.
Thank you to @POTUS @SecDef & the 🇺🇸 people.

I would like you to recall Poland’s incredible assistance. I don’t know what it looks like now, but Poland not long ago ranked 3rd after the US and GB in terms of aid to the AU. We also took in millions of your refugees. And Poland really isn’t rich 🇵🇱❤️🇺🇦

And can you see yourself in the Pics? What if all of this was happening was your Homelands?

A strong yearning to return to the Happier Days of the Past with Newer Ones in the Future. A Tremendously Heartfelt Reminder of Why the Warriors keep Fighting. Can you see it? Their Pain is Our Pain. Your Pain?

Did she deserve this? Your child? Can you see this Happening to your Kids?

IRAN is providing Kamikaze Drones to do just this for Russia. And you wonder why Iran has Sanctions against them with their Military Supporting of Terrorists Organizations. Terrorists Countries.

Defense of Ukraine (@DefenceU) tweeted at 4:26 AM on Sat, Nov 05, 2022:
Strike https://t.co/CuBV7oAcv8

War is a very Ugly Proposition. Who Dies and Who Lives is not Known until it is Over and then even more still will Die.

God is with us.
📷 Konstyantyn Sova

A view from inside a Bombed Out Room. Will your Country be Next? Can you imagine it?

Defense of Ukraine (@DefenceU) tweeted at 10:43 AM on Fri, Nov 04, 2022:
Kyiv residents are paying tribute to those who protect them against ruscists cruise missiles. https://t.co/1m2kG3BNnM


Kyiv residents are paying tribute to those who protect them against ruscists cruise missiles.

Monologue of Russian conscript (Orcspotting, 2022)
Fight NATO,
fight nazis,
fight neonazis,
fight satanism,
fight trained mosquitos,
fight history, fight language…

or maybe…

Choose life.


Defense of Ukraine (@DefenceU) tweeted at 9:43 AM on Fri, Nov 04, 2022:
The fight continues.
Forces of Freedom and Dignity against Darkness and Tyranny.
#FreedomIsOurReligion https://t.co/58WcFIWOwH

The terrorists are waging war on kindergartens, schools and playgrounds.
Stopping them is a moral obligation of the civilised world.


📷Arsen Petrov

Forced to live underground…and can you see yourself living here?

Rebuilding wherever possible…

Is this your Future?

And is this your Future?

I hope the above Pics and Images give you a moment to ponder your own future and what is taking place in Ukraine. I have seen hundreds of pics of Dead men, women, and Children. Dead Russian Soldiers. Freezer Freight Vans stacking Dead Russian Soldiers inside like Sardines in a Can.

If anyone can get to the real point of these Massacres, I’d sure like to know other than Russia Wants Ukraine and it’s Lands and Resources. Why? They are too Lazy to build and work their own. Russians are some of the most Lazy People in the World who’ll work for a Bottle of Vodka. A Society of Vodka Drunkards? Many are…