Russia needs to just walk away…just walk away

Instead of walking the World closer and closer to Nuclear Madness, Russia needs to be the bigger Country and simply walk away from Ukraine.

No, nothing needs to be said. Just leave Ukraine by just walking away. No explanation. Just get out and let the Ukraine Heal. Too many Russian Families need to Heal as well.

Russia it is time to walk away, simply walk away, and begin the Healing Process. Everyone has learned an invaluable amount of Knowledge about the other. And I believe that a very constructive future can still become a reality between Russia and Ukraine. But Russia simply needs to be the Bigger Man.

It’s time to let the Ukrainians Be one. Be their Own Country. And it’s very much the time to walk away and let the World begin to Heal also. Can the Super Powers please refrain from always trying to Outdo the other Militarily and quit jockeying for positions of Power where their Power can be taken away as easily as their People allowed it to ever be. Power is trivial.

That’s all I got to say…

The emperor Caligula (37-41 CE) has gone down as one of Rome’s worst.

As a Reminder of the Trivialness of Power-

Emperor Caligula is a prime example and History should never be ignored unless all of us choose to Repeat it