As Veterans, We Love Our Country so much that when America asks us to Die for each of you, We Proudly Ask-What Time?

Americans, it’s time to quit worrying about the petty and start becoming more Aware of the Sweaty. America is a long way away from falling apart. Our Country is more put together with more than simple Elmers Glue. She’s not going to fold under just because a few thousand crazies want it to. You are naive if you think that. Anarchists and Traitors and Revolutionaries have been around tossing in their wrenches trying to gum up the works since it all began. There are Russians here wishing, hoping, Looting to help America become another Satellite Country of Russia. They are Trolling Like Ninja Warriors or Evil that men do. And these Crazies aren’t your Friends. They will help you go to Prison if they convert you. Just like all Radicals flying High and Low on the Internet looking for fools to Recruit.

How Russia uses social media to divide Americans

Russian trolls and bots focus on controversial topics in an effort to stoke political division on an enormous scale – and it hasn’t stopped, experts say

And right now, are you helping Add to it Are you one who us trying to pick up the fallen pieces and mending Our Great Country. Yes, there are the Breakers and the Menders. And there are no in betweens. No Do Overs. And that is why I wish I could say just that one word, that one sentence, they one story to help you be a Mender. And everyone right now needs to take a Rain Check on the Next Political Ball. The next groups of Political Onslaughts. And just trying to MUTE all Political Commercials from now to November 8.

This election won’t be solved by November 9. Or 10, 11, 12 or maybe 60 Days from then. People refusing to Concede. Demand for Forensic Audits and every outlandish Audit Possible. Demands up with even more Demands until there will be new Unique Demands Names for them.

But, all of 🇺🇸 now knows what is upsetting people. Each of us truly knows. No, we don’t have to discuss it. But we don’t need to let it contaminate our Lives. And just one tiny bite of Any Adam Politicians 🍎 and the Sins will begin. And there will be ones of every kind. But don’t take a Bite. Don’t fall any more for any of this Bull. Start Anew!

Soon, it will be 2023. And wouldn’t it be fantastic if every one just walked away totally from Politics? It’s be a Miracle. But Miracles sometimes start small. Just One Person can get it started.

If you will allow me, let me light the First Candle in a Prayer. Let’s Call it the Walk Away Prayer.

Walking Away from Politics Prayer.

And how do we start? What is the Priority? Just throw it all in or just keep it simple and sweet?

Okay, simple and sweet works for me, how about?


Please get my Mind out of Politics.

In Jesus Name,


Okay, it’s done. Pass it on! Let’s all be the ones who fix all the Broken Pieces that are out there. And don’t expect a single Thank You when you do. You’re doing this for that Greater Person in you and leave it at that.

Let’s resurrect the Great America again by Shutting the Politicians Out! ALL OF THEM!

I want to start the next Great Twitter Type Company and the Name I’ve picked is


That’s NOT a space then E a space then & a space and then T

So, if you got the Money and the Technology to make it Happen, then find me on LinkedIn and let’s make it Happen.

Giving all Twitter Users a New Platform that isn’t trying to screw your mind and helping all of us grow. That’s my Goal.

But let’s return to the Town Hall type Platform and drop the Gladiator Farm Texting on a New Platform.

What do you say?