Be the Best U that U can be

As we journey thru Life, we will learn and we will take in good and we will take in Bad. Bad Habits, Bad Traits, Bad Behavior, and just a lot of junkie Bad Stuff.

It’s what we keep and what we discard that makes us who we are. Don’t get fixated on what U think others think about U or worry about what U R or don’t Have.

It’s Okay not to own a Home. And if U do, U’ll quickly learn that even though you’ve PAID off your Home Loan, U’ll still have to pay a Big Payment every year for your Home’s Property Tax. And I’ve seen Older friends leave and move out of their wonderful home and it’s because they cannot Pay the Property Taxes. Their Retirement Monies won’t allow for all of the Payments including that big fat Tax Payment. And if that’s U, don’t worry, U R not alone.

2022 has seen an explosive rise in Property Values and so comes that Higher Tax Appraisal of your Property. But the Commissioners don’t Care! They, just like clockwork, will once again Raise the Property Tax Rate. And together, you just got Hit with a Double Whammy. Two Cost Increases on Your Property in One Year! And that sucks. It really does. Most people Today must put aside $200-2200 a month to pay for their Property Taxes or U’ll lose your home. They’ll kick U out!

An Old friend of mine once told me this-In Texas, none of us ever really Own our Property, we simply Pay for the Use of that Property. And I see that now. Just like so many things that he instilled in me.

Having an Elderly Mentor doesn’t stop after High School. Well, it shouldn’t, but it does. And those without Mentors are stuck out like a broken fingernail. And for me, when I may have needed a Mentor, one found me. No, not on purpose, but thru Masonry. Becoming a Mason proved to be nothing but magical, not anything that the Anti-Masonic Evangelicals said it was like Worshipping Satan and retarded stuff like that.

But telling Lies About Masonry became a Rallying Point for their Base of Followers. Lies appears to be the one thing that connects with People. We all lie, so a bigger Lie works for those needing a Bigger One. And it amuses me How wrong people get Masonry. My father was a 33rd Degree Mason and so was my Cousin. And yet, there wasn’t the slightest inclination that either of these men had been infected with the Lies Evangelicals always promoted. For those still not understanding Masonry, I can assure U that it is not a Society or Organization that has anything that is Anti-Christian, nothing that is Anti-American, nothing a person would be ashamed of.

But Lies are what people love believing. But who is your Mentor Today? Or do U not have one? Life is mean to be shared. A good, decent Evangelical might be a good mentor for U. Studying and Knowing the Bible is a good thing. So is Praying. But only U can help U be the Best U possible.

And it starts with Caring 4 others. Loving others. If U cannot Love Others, then U should expect No love in return. And it’s the same with Materialism. Love of all things Material will send U down a lowly Road. Having it all is utterly disastrous. U’ll end up alone and not much joy where U cannot see the rest of the Picture of Life. And that picture is Awesome. Awesomeness is all around us if only we see it, hear it, appreciate it.

But Read the right things, learn the right things, walk in the Light of the Lord. And the opposite of all of that is where U squander your life abilities. Just ask yourself this-What uniqueness did U see Today? Or have U reverted into an implosion of yourself where Your life is pitiful? Sure, I don’t know a thing about U. But U know U and U are smart enough to see where All of this is going, can’t U?

only U can make, create a better U and U should always be trying to improve yourself.

I accept everyone as a person reading this and I love U. But I never said I agree with any other Point about U unless I truly Know U. Your Beliefs and Ideologies are Yours and may be completely Opposite of my own. But it doesn’t mean I Hate U. I simply may not understand U or your way of Thinking. But I know many Reading this Live in Countries that attempt to Control the thought of their peoples. And no, I cannot change that. U may have to be dealt with living in a severe manner because that is the way that U have come to accept things. And nothing else moves U. But we can still script each other as Human with very similar needs. All of us need-

  1. Water.
  2. Food.
  3. Shelter

And the rest of what we have depends on What U are willing to do. Working Hard brings all good things and leaves little time to worry about all the other things. Working 80 hours a week is a good thing. Being busy is a good thing. Idleness is the Devil’s Workshop. And with that comes many sinful things-Lust and all things Lustful.

All of us must face all things in Full Frontal. If U do, U can turn away from Crime or Crimesome Thoughts. Turn away from Bad and back into being a good U.

Individuals, extremely isolated individuals, turn towards Darkness like turning on a Light Switch. One minute in their Isolations and then flip the switch and go in a Full Blown Shooting Rampage or Knifing Rampage. In almost every instance where an Offender went full blown Freak and attacked Others or killed a fella, I could see it Coming. No, not quickly enough to fix them before they flipped into their Craziness. No, no one can read a person like a Book. All of us can only see what another allows us to see. The rest is mystery. No, a person saying they know is only Lying. Again, no one knows another. Your beautiful child in their Bedroom whom you greatly love may be a totally different person in their room absorbing bad stuff from Bad stimulus input. They could be in someone else’s complete Control.

I saw individuals in a brainwashed state of mind at the Airports when I was a Serviceman in the early 70s. These folks who came running to U and circled U going in a Circle. I bought a Book from them and when I got back from my Overseas Deployment, I was swarmed again and I verbally plowed into their fragile minds with my knowledge of them by Reading the Book I had bought. I was dumbfounded that not one had read the Book that they were Selling. And I scolded them for allowing themselves to be buffooned into believing and following and they had no clue what they were following. Man, what a waste and there are Millions all across the world with fragile minds easily swayed. Here’s a Time Capsule Article from the Past-

But Today, I want U to be the absolute Best U that U can be. And I know, it’s easy to get lost in a direction and have pity parties for oneself. But every one needs to just set their Phones aside for 72 hours to find out if they can even do just that. In a College Study, 93% if the Students Could Not achieve this and set their Phones aside for three days. Just 3 days. Most did not last 3 hours. And How long did all of us go all our Lives without them at all?

And Today, the younger crowds don’t know those days. They don’t know us and many don’t care to ever know us. They don’t care two cents about Honesty, the Greatest Generation in our History, or most things that simply don’t appear in their Phones as being important enough to know.

If it’s not in a Cell Phone, it’s not important enough to know. Right? Is this Your Right? Well, here’s some to know-

55 Years Ago: The Apollo 1 Fire and its Aftermath

“Three valiant young men have given their lives in the nation’s service. We mourn this great loss and our hearts go out to their families.” President Lyndon B. Johnson

“The deaths of these three brilliant young men … is a profound and personal loss to me. … The United States will push ever forward in space and the memory of the contributions of these men will be an inspiration to all future space-farers.” Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey

“We’ve always known that something like this would happen sooner or later, but it’s not going to be permitted to stop the program. … Although everyone realized that someday space pilots would die, who would have thought the first tragedy would be on the ground?” NASA Administrator James E. Webb

“The accident that took the lives of three of our highly trained, skilled and courageous American astronauts is a tragic loss to our entire nation.” Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower

“We in the Soviet Union are deeply grieved at the news of the tragedy at Cape Kennedy. The courage of Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffee had won our esteem and we join in paying homage to their memories.” Radio Moscow

The nation’s Moon landing program suffered a shocking setback on Jan. 27, 1967, with the deaths of Apollo 1 astronauts Virgil I. “Gus” GrissomEdward H. White, and Roger B. Chaffee in a flash fire aboard their spacecraft during a ground test on the launch pad. America honored the fallen heroes in funerals with full military honors. NASA established an investigative board to determine the cause of the fire and, in the months that followed, the board identified both technical and management lapses that led to the accident. The board published their findings and determinations. Congressional committees held hearings to fully understand the accident’s causes and NASA’s planned changes to prevent a recurrence. They included a redesign of the Apollo spacecraft and management and safety culture changes.

And sure, there are a million other things that I could share with U. But what we know makes up who we are. And we don’t remember stuff well. Unless you lived it, it becomes less important to U if important at all. In our Crucial Learning Years, we either learn enough or we don’t.

But in the End, did U become the best U that U could become. For me, I acquired the things I wanted and my main Goal was to have Food, Water, and Shelter for my family and myself. Those are the three most important essentials that all of us need or want.

Britney Gruber is in a most “fixed” awfulness of all conditions. Her 9 year Prison Sentence for Drug Possession in Russia is a doozy. She must work or starve. Her prison paid working that she must do is the pay she needs to pay for 75% of her food and for her living quarters. That’s right, she must Work to get Paid just to live. And they may USE her as an Example of Pain to her for being an American And a foreigner. And living in backwards miserable conditions awaits her if she gets sent to a rough and tough Penal Colony. Riots are rampant in them. Wherever Russia needs mass work to be done, that’s where the prisoners work. For just to eat is a Major Area of prison work done just to get paid for like felling huge trees and such. And Death and Aids and Cholera and TB run rampant. Infertility among women caused by forced insertions of rusty pieces of pipe is 87%. And so does prison corruption in Russia. You must realize, most of Russia is a Vast Land of Natural Resources but mostly Uninhabitable. So they Put Penal Colonies where these Natural Resources are and are dug out by hand by Slave Prisoners. Shovels and Picks and WheelBarrows. Lots of them. Getting paid Nine Dollars a month. Conditions are very bad. But what she does and where she is put will be How they see her. Could be quite the terrible experience like it was in the 70s here in Texas Prisons. Massive Overcrowding and Working Texas Prisoners like Slaves with No Pay. It may take months to get her to her assigned Penal Colony in a No Window Cage on wheels with 50 other Inmates. The cruelest of travel conditions to Break Inmates down into crying wimps.

But again, strive to become a Better U. Start the Change…