You’re going to Visit Ukraine? Here are some Things You need to Know!

So, you wanna go to UKRAINE to Visit? And you want to know some things before you go? I know, I do too. So, I came across this Link with Copyrighted Stuff on it so I did not Copy and paste any of it. But it’s stuff you might wish to read to…

The above site will give you great Advice on Bomb Shelters and so much More! I read it to see what they Advise on-

  1. Bomb Shelters-When to Go to a Bomb Shelter, When you can Exit. What you can and cannot do while in the Bomb Shelter while there.
  2. How to prepare for Blackouts.
  3. What to do if the Mobile Network is Unavailable.
  4. What to do if the Gas, Water, And Electricity Supply disappears.

So, go Visit if it is Safe for you…