To Ukraine and all Countries Bordering Ukraine

Most Honorable People,

Today, I am writing all of you to say that Russia’s Unprecedented and Unparalleled Invasion Atrocity unleashed Upon Ukraine is nothing but a Criminal Enterprise. Russian Soldiers have proven to be Criminals and lack any Degree of Honor or Integrity. They have been proving themselves Thugs and Thieves and Rapists of young boys and girls and Elderly Women of their most Foul Breeding. Human Decency does not exist with these Criminal Soldiers. And they are from the subservient Class of the Russian People that some might consider to be what was once belittling rhetoric spoken of the Black Person here in America and being Called “Nigger”. A most negative word.

But Proudly, the World watches on bended knees as Ukraine gloriously engages these Marauding Russian Soldiers. And if you Read this, You and Your Country is on the List to be Invaded Next. You will be turned into a Lap Dog serving its Master if you do not lend a Hand in Stopping this disgusting Invasion. Russia will Re-Educate you to follow a single line where your Rights will erode into the dirt at your feet. Every one must Stand With Ukraine in Words and Actions. Those that do not are weak and most likely an Enemy. But the fight to Move Russia out of Ukraine and Crimea is Noble. A most worthy endeavor exhibiting Great Honor and Fortitude of the Highest Order. Only a handful of times throughout History has an Overwhelmed Army overcome the Greatest of Odds against them and fought and fought and fought and were Victorious. Ukraine will be Victorious!

Today, the Criminal Enterprise of Russia is attempting to Genocide the Ukrainian People. To Putin, Belarusians and Ukrainians and Chechens and others are nothing more than Ticks on a Dog. Russia is Unleashing Missiles and Drones in an attempt to destroy their ability to Generate Electricity because Russia’s plan is to FREEZE ALL OF YOU TO DEATH by the Bitter Winter Winds, Freezing Rain, and Icy Cold and Snow that soon will be crawling across the Lands. A Plan only the Cruelest of Men would ever do. But all of us know that everything that the Leader of Russia says or does can no longer be Trusted by Anyone. He is the most Foul of all mankind. His birth was Witnessed by a Happy Satan.

So, People of Ukraine, I do believe you will be Victorious and there will one day be a Punishment for Russia and their Leader. Russia must be financially accountable to all Damages and Suffering they have Caused Upon Ukraine. They must pay for all rebuilding. And pay back all Countries who have sent Arms or made any other Help to Ukraine. And Russia Must be forced to Disarm Of all Nuclear Weapons. Their Leader has proven that Russia and it’s Nuclear Weapons are a Dangerous Liability to the Entire World because their Leader continues threatening their Usages. These Weapons must be Removed from such a nimble minded person.

But I Pray everyone reading this will continue Supporting and gives all Help to Ukraine including joining in Fighting the Russian Army Directly as a Nation or Individually to Enlist in the Ukrainian Army. The Airways above Ukraine must be Closed. All Defensive Mechanisms must be given to Ukraine to help eliminate and takeout these Deadly Russian Missiles and Drones attacking the Civilian Population. This Crime is worse than drowning puppies and kittens fermenting a sick mind. Belarus and Iran and North Korea and Syria are enablers and their Aiding Russia to Kill Ukrainian Civilians cannot go Unpunished. They are responsible for their Actions and they must Pay. Their Days in Hell will come. ALLAH’s Plan is Not Cruelty of Innocent Life.


Study them Closely, Your Country is NEXT!


Ukrainians, know that God is Watching and God dies hear all of your Prayers. Like Great Israel, they too were forced to walk in the Unkind Territory until God provided them a Place to Live. And God will one day End all of your Suffering and the War will be over. Today’s Israel has a Grand Opportunity that God will Reward but Today’s Israel is simply quite Different. A Nation must Put their Beliefs into Action and Aid the Needy in every way. But no matter, Ukraine will come out ahead.

Today’s World will suffer greatly in 2023 and 2024 because Crop Production and Exports of Grain and Oils will implode upon themselves. Millions in the World will Starve to Death. All because of this one War. It is a War. It is Not a Special Operation. It is not an Operation to Remove the NAZI. These are Lies as the Map above proves that Russia’s Goal still Today is only Land Grabbing. Putin is only masquerading as a Great Leader. He is a man, only a man that History will not Judge with Kindness and his Last Days will him remembering how sick he is all the way up to the Gallows.

Ukraine, know your Noble Fight aGallows.and Your Pain and Suffering is not going unnoticed and Billions are Standing and Praying with you. The World sends its Love to you. Always Remain Strong against these Cowardly Russians.

Your Day of Peace is Coming!