Yo Soy Americano

Friends, Mi Amigos, Mi Compadres, Mes Amies, and all others not spoken of. We, Here in America, are at the most pivotal point in our History of walking into the future unbridled or returning backwards to Slave-Master control on all peoples here. Yes, Our very Freedom and Democracy has suddenly been laid before my eyes with the most crystal clear clarity I have ever achieved. Many are exhibiting Anger like never before on planes and just everywhere. I see where we are right now. And I have to congratulate everyone because America is at a dangerous intersection being torn apart by those acting as if possessed by Ghouls that only represent the Few. And the most of the peoples still remain Silent, but those with Voices aren’t representing the America I served so proudly in the US Army. Their Silence only Aids the Great Mischief happening now.

I choose, freely, to Admit our many inequalities-against women and the Retarded and Sick in Mind And all of it. We analyze stuff beyond any necessary means. Our many prejudices-Skin Color, Cripples or handicapped, Way people talk or Act as an indication of Social Classifications. We are one Hugely Prejudice Nation. Our many Strong points. And our many Weaknesses. We pick Liberty when asked and then when not Asked, we pick over all things our Cell Phones, Laptops, Game Consoles, Radios, and TVs. Yes we do, when not asked. The Majority want America to Stand Proudly and to keep good things good. Our wants and needs are not unlike most of the World. Yet, America has sunk into a New Hate, dislike, or unappreciated appreciation for those crossing our Southern Borders. The actual severity depends on who you talk to and from which Region in now. We own it. A New Hate like I have ever seen is now becoming self evident in my fellow Texans. And in Americans. Another New Hatred very similar to that from the 1940s and 1950s is now apparent towards Russians. And a New Hatred against all in The Middle East like that from the 1850s floats on the winds of the sand all the way to 🇺🇸 here. What were ruffles are now Mile high sand dunes that none are capable of seeing over. And Americans New Angers have caused such a tremendous resentment here that millions have now Armed themselves to the teeth in these last six years. Unlike anything ever seen before. Yet, we Americans speak in Generalities. You could read a hundred book and still would never understand us.  When many speak they hate a black, a jew, or whomever, they really mean they Hate all of them. A true Generalization.

Every one here and everywhere tend to fashion themselves after others. Some are good models and others are mortar that will never mend into a person. Not a real person. And some are heavy into reading books or magazines or newspapers. Some only glimpse at the pages to see the pictures. Some fantasize while others have feet deeply locked into the cement of their parents. But all do seem to reminisce about things past and future. And those locked into Star Wars or other fictional realities.

Right now, the Future visions are not appearing solidly as they were in the 70s, unlike the 60s. The new wave of media has changed the landscape so rapidly that many are going along in their own lostness. Like a ship that never reaches a single shore. Just out there. Many Americans in their Minds and Status are just out there. Some are sidetracked in their thoughts even at intersections on the streets. Just sitting there until someone Honks them to Go. Today, loyalty is a bitter sweet word that doesn’t mean much. The 60s were where they talked about the Revolution coming and maybe it’s finally here lean in meaning as much as it once did. Too many get stuck on the awkward side-meanings of things and lose track of their life’s journey. Traveling an inch forward only to realize they have fallen a full measurable step backwards. Our problems are being welted Up upon our backs by the heaviness of the Media whose Ratings are always fluttering. And who is controlling What is challenged more today than ever before. Nothing, not a place or person, is beyond instant scrutiny using one catch all word or phrase to attack with. At times, many aren’t sure who is who anymore. A study here and another there are being quoted like cheesecake. Yes, right or wrong seems a distant idea now. The absolute worse that man can do is still not accepted today as it was from the 1940s. And that’s where we are. Stuck in and revisiting the 1840s. Those from 40s then are the ones who wield the greatest amount of power but even that can be trolled into oblivion. You must learn our language, we won’t learn yours. It’s the way we are.

And those wanting to become Americans are now being shuffled and reshuffled to the back of every line where truthful answers aren’t given because no one wants ACCOUNTABILITY to come back to them as the originator of it. Plausible Deniability runs rampant and disguised. American’s have quickly disrespected Titles and Institutions as the New Way that information reaches each of us and our little, pitiful environment. Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, Police aren’t respectful Tities anymore. And that could be because Americans float information to one another by their Cell Phones and most Americans have crooked necks from daily channeling all of their minds energy on that tiny screen.

Disgusting or Loving or one of pure Hatred you might have for 🇺🇸 and all Americans may not be a truthful image. You too may have outside influences that are twisting your minds as well. In a short time, a single new corrupt idea can be placed into our minds and you’ll never be the Better for it or the wiser why your attitude changed. Forced Reinforcement. That’s the New Wave advantage A.I. usages gives the huge Corporations without your permission or if you care at all.

And Financially, Americans aren’t as poor as many make out to be. Many go to food banks not because they need to but because they can. Some use that food while others even Sell it to others. They can help in many ways but just choose not to. Houses Cost and Rent raced upwards until the Ceiling was reached and we are in it now. Might be another 30 years before that fiscal upheaval rights itself or if ever at all. No one person or group of Investors know the Stock Market anymore. It’s the New Gimmicky way of fast changes made daily by those not understanding that it’s best to Buy and Hold to get the most. Simply “Click” to sell or buy on our tiny screens sitting in the palm of our hands like crickets on a hot tin roof. These tiny screens have had the greatest impact on American Life than most anything in the past 150 years.

But in the end, you do you and I’ll do me.

And for the Super Haters who believe you Hate us like no others,

pure Hatred you might have for 🇺🇸Don’t become so consumed. Here, in America, we got enough Hatred floating around that yours will be laughed at. It will. We own HATRED!

But in the end, you do you and I’ll do me.