Don’t you Hate it When you Order Something Online and it says 5-7 Day Delivery and turns out to be three Weeks from India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, or other Places Overseas?

Yep, the Guys Overseas have found a way to get up next to you and you buy it from a Third Party like Amazon or Etsy or others and they Don’t tell you where it Ships From. EBay does.

But your 2-3 Day Shipment Guarantee it 5-7 Day turns out to not even be close. A 4-6 week wait to get that Item you Ordered is a great test of your Will Power. Isn’t it?

I needed an Opal 8mm wide and finally after purchasing two, one from India that had originated out Of Colombia. Another came from Turkey. And just before I quit trying to find a great Opal, I got one on Time and very Beautiful from Arizona. How weird.

But here comes another Pile of Shit along with Women of these orders. From an Area in China on the Map where I had bought a New Lift Actuator, someone attempted to Hack my Microsoft Account. Then on another where I had Ordered an item, within a Month, someone from the same area on a Map had attempted from a remote desktop another Hack.

And another Hacked out Netflix account.

Let’s Face it. This Is the New World we live in.

Happy or Sad, Google and Microsoft had caught two of the Hacks. But Netflix’s Security is so Lame, I PREDICT NETFLIX will have the Greatest Personal Records Hack ever in America. I’m no computer person, but from what I was told, it is Scary.

Just like your Postman, if he or she has any affiliations with anyone, they will knows a ton of stuff about each of us. Who writes us. What Groups we might be affiliated with. And how old you are. Over 65 in Texas and you get a Mail in Ballot tells it all. AARP tells it all. Seems innocent to you and me. But what if that information is then SOLD to a 3rd Party? We live in a “Catch All” World.

But, it’s the World we live in and nothing is going to change it. So, we must get used to it and accept it and forget about it. Don’t 2nd Guess it. And keep living a life. Your Life, Your Way.

Life, just Live it. But do get to living. And while you are not doing much or even feeling Sad, pick up your Cell phone and SEARCH for something that really interests you. I like old Things and Archeological Digs.

I still don’t know why Egypt loves digging up Dead Folks. And they go digging up Graveyards all the Time. And I do wonder if one day that they might dig up a Disease that’s gonna wipe out mankind. Could it happen? Anything is possible.

Seems man is fascinated with Death. And always predicting our Deaths. By disease or Zombies or Meteorite. Or War. War Lovers and Saber Rattlers are always stoking the ambers of War. But when it happens, you can’t find them then.

And I always found it funny and Odd that Trump has never been able to Provide PROOF of his Military Deferments. No Medical Records at all.

But Wars, Liars, Murderers, Mass Shooters, Thieves, Hackers, AND Every one else and that’s Life we Live in. So, get used to it. Accepting it sucks at times.

Oh well, enjoy all that you can…