Britain and the Belly of the Whale…

Today’s British Citizens are about the Toughest Men and Women in the World. WW-II was Brutal and out of the Ashes of all of the Bombings Hitler Unleashed from the Skies over Britain, The Brits, They fought with courageous fortitude and with dignified Bravery. And who were taught this same level of toughness? Their Children, grandchildren, and Great-grandchildren.

And when anyone tosses unfathomable words of Destroying All of Britain with just one Soviet Nuclear Weapon, they have just brought back the Time 9f the Tzar. Forget calling Russia, Russia any more. They have now proven that they have regressed back into the Old Soviet Union. A Soviet Union that only knows how to Crush People by Massive Imprisonments and Vicious physical Abuse. A Soviet Union that only knows how to keep its Citizens on their knees while the Brutal Police Forces keep their knees on their Necks.

But Brave, Brave are the Britains. And they are not discounting the Nuclear Threats with nothing but serious resolve. A Resolve that cannot be Broken. So, pass around another Stout Beer and a plate of Fish and Chips, these Brits will never be upended or Beaten. Let’s Lift our Hands up High and SALUTE THE BRITS!

AIR RAID DAMAGE IN BRITAIN DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR (HU 36188) In the aftermath of a bombing raid, a bus lies in a crater in Balham, South London. Original Source:

if you colorized these Photos, they could be ones from Ukraine. But no, this was a Great War and another may very well be looming. Don’t don’t don’t throw in the Towel. Britain’s Allies stand with Britain.

We will Defeat Tzar Putin

Don’t sweat the petty, Pet the Sweaty…

Learn your past to see and prepare for your Future