Peanut Butter Cookies RECIPE from Texas

Well, after a good morning of Feeding the Horses, feeding the Chickens.

we don’t got no white bunny rabbits.

And shooting Ten Jackrabbits.

And killing 14 Rattlesnakes, it’s time to take a Cowboy Break and Make all the Hands some Peanut Butter Cookies to take out with them after Breakfast. I live on just short of 125,000 Acres called The Devil’s Backbone Ranch . It’s just Past Dawn and ends at Sunset. It’s also just Past Gunfighters Ridge.

But first, I fed the Hands Rattlesnake and Rabbits and Biscuits and Scrambled Eggs. Then I made all us some Cookies.


Turn the Oven to 350

Then put the following in a Pyrex Bowl-


with 1/2 Cup White Sugar

With 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

I USE one minute in Pyrex Bowl in MICROWAVE

Then Add 1TBL Baking Powder

Add One Large Egg

Then Add 1 TBL Vanilla

Then MIX this with your Wooden Spoon

Add One and One Half Cups Creamy Peanut Butter

MIX THIS with your Wooden Spoon until it flows nicely like Mashed Potatoes when you Added too much Water. Lol

Then Add ADD One and 1/2 Cup White Flour

Take your Pyrex Bowl, Wood Spoon, One TBL, one Fork, and Cookie Pan Sheet. And your Parchment Paper to your Living Room.

Put all of your things on a big footstool or a kitchen Table or Dining Table. Wherever you like mixing stuff. In the Living room is nice as you enjoy your favorite shows too.

Then MIX this Up until you see No White Flour.

Put Parchment paper on Cookie Pan.

Then scoop enough Cookie Dough to make a Ball about the Size of a Ping Pall Ball. Roll with your hands. In your hands.

Then after you put all of these Balls about 2″ apart On the Parchment Paper, NOW

Squish them down with your Fork one at a time doing a Crisscross Pattern on top with your fork.

Cook 9-11 Minutes.

Take Out of Oven and let set for 10 minutes.

Then get them off your Parchment Paper and Make the rest of your Cookies.

Now, after the 2nd Pan is Cooked and ten minute goes by, take these Cookies off your Parchment Paper.

And Eat some! Enjoy!

Your Family Will.. Lol. It helps when you have a good Observer. And I was just kidding about the Ranch and Snakes and Rabbits. Lol

I DO NOT USE salted Butter or Add any Salt. I also do not use Baking Soda.

But keeping BP down is your Goal. Or should be…