THE FRIGHTENING TRUTH: If you Live in a Nice Neighbourhood, you’ll be the First KILLED!

the storm is coming

The Storm is Coming.





A Trump Caused Storm is Coming?

Being Killed? For What? Because someone gets a Crowd Worked up and like a Group of Sharks, he feeds them Blood. And these are just frenzie-stoking words. And he is masterful at it.

But The Storm is Coming are Words, secret words, words of a Clandestine Nature? That only American Commanders used prior to a Major Battle. But, these words are a Warning. These words are preparatory words. These words are being SENT out and then outward from these Rallies. And Get Ready for what?

Get Ready to KILL you? Yes, you. Me! Us! And you And I haven’t done a single thing WRONG. You’ve lived you life working Hard for what you were able to purchase. And that is that pride-filled Home in a very Nice Neighbourhood.

And when He Gives the Word, Sets the Date and Time, they’ll come into the Streets like Ravaging Dawgs? With Guns Galore. With Ropes. With Machetes. But with a Mind ready to Kill you and I and all of our Family. And it’ll be on such a Massive Scale, the Cops will be Ordered to Not Engage for fear that they will be Killed too.

PREPARATION: And they have been Preparing. Readying themselves for THE CALL. And now that the Secret Words have been used-THE STORM IS COMING! They have been readying and coordinating? Hey. I’m only guessing. And millions of Bottles filled with Gasoline and Rags Cut to make Molotov Cocktails-ready to be put together and then the rag put on fire and then thrown OUR WAY? At you and our Houses. Sure, some will be there just for looting and excitement. But when the Killing starts, you better not run or you gonna be cut down by the Maddening Crowd. And it won’t matter if you are Standing at your Front Door or in your Yard and you think you got the Right Hat On your Head and the Crowd quickly storms you and your House because they just don’t Care.

“Not Caring” is a big part of it.

But when Your President, the one you still firmly believe is still the President of 🇺🇸, gives you Orders, you Obey. You may believe He gives You the Right. But, he’s only a Citizen now. You believe Him and You set the Rich Neighborhoods on Fire and Kill all its Inhabitants.

But WHOA! He wasn’t planning on that. Not the Rich Neighborhoods. He didn’t foresee that Happening.

And Commerce will come to a Complete Halt. Car and Truck Dealerships will be ransacked. They’ll go to Gas Stations and turn on the Pumps and you’ll get Stolen Gas or Diesel. And when the Gas is gone, you’ll Burn the Station down.

For many of you, reading this might find you getting upset. But slow down. Make your escape Plans now. When the MAGALITH PURGE begins. Get to Safety. Don’t stand and fight.

The Military will be Called out. And in some places, there will be a Stop until the Crowd figures out where to Hit next. No, it won’t be over. Too much was Destroyed in such a short time. A matter of hours or days. But I’m only guessing.

In a few days, how much damage do you think a hundred people can do? A thousand can do? A million can do? Millions can do?

Some will come out because they got a Hard-On for you from work or even from Church. Might be your Age they Hate. Probably will be. Hate us because of Our Ages? And they’ll all be wearing their COVID MASKS. And you film this. But you can’t send it out with The Cell Towers down. With Electricity down.

But the Leader didn’t expect such destructive groups to come out at his beckoning. Or did he just enjoy J6 that much?

And in just one week, such destruction and criminal acts will take place that it’ll be mind boggling.

Folks, 13-15% of All Americans believe it’ll be Okay to USE FORCE to put Him back in Office right now. And that would never Happen without a Fight that would be a Civil War. But can we stop there and forget all the horrible possibilities that His “The Storm is Coming” Alert may be causing and rethink by our good senses?

The Big Truth illuminates a crowning achievement in America’s quest for a robust democracy in the face of slander by sore losers and opportunists.

The Big Truth shows how American democracy is threatened, even as everyone claims to be defending and protecting it. This book is a stark warning for every…

The Big Truth illuminates a crowning achievement in America’s quest for a robust democracy in the face of slander by sore losers and opportunists.

One Book alone will not Stop what someone is Now Stoking at His Rallies. He’s already sent out the Alert. And How will his Followers…do? And When and Where will they start? Or can all of it be prevented?

It’ll be shocking to wake up to News on the TV of AR15, SKS, AK47, Handgun battles blazing in the Streets taking place. And what’ll you do then? FREAK OUT!

FREAK OUT might not be the right words. I will be very disappointed that Our Country believes in the 2nd Amendment so much that it doesn’t matter when some one uses it to Start A War within our own Borders. Allowed Him to take our 🇺🇸 that far by feeding His Crowds Wild Theories. And they took to burning and Killing and Looting on His Behalf.

But finding their Leaders will be a Hoot. One Crazy leading a larger groups of Crazies.

And why do I write such things?

Simple-If I can write one Blog to KEEP YOU SAFE, KEEP YOU AWARE, KEEP YOU FROM FALLING FOR FALSE CAUSES. THEN I will write that Blog.

As a US Army Veteran, I DO NOT WANT A Single American KILLED BY Another AMERICAN! We are a Family and as family members, we owe each other Respect. To love one another. To keep each other safe. To keep our Family Safe.

Don’t you do a single Bad Thing for Him! His Approval Is Falling like a Rock dropped into a 300′ hole in a dark deep hole. Almost 60% of All Americans Do not APPROVE of the man. What makes Him, HIM is finally catching up to Him.

But it’s that 13-15% that we have to keep our Eyes on as they could cause a great many bad things to take place. But share your Love with them. Be Kind to them.

If they want to go to His Rallies and that’s it, FINE. Good for them. Good for You. But if any Criminal Activity has its Origins originating from any of these Rallies and then, they Must be Shutdown. I got a problem with that.

But how can anyone now say that they APPROVE FORCE being used to put Him back in Office right now is pure Manure Thinking. Man, if you think that, then you need to pull your Head out of that Cow’s ASS.

Maybe start with an Elephant first.

So, please DO NOT DO A DAMN THING THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW! PREPARING AND COORDINATING INSURRECTION will get you into Big Trouble. Don’t do it. Leave others alone and they will leave you alone.

NO IT ISN’T! IT CAN ONLY BE COMING IF YOU Want AND Make IT COMING! SO. DON’T! If we all work together, we can make sure The Storm Never Comes! And you need to keep your Eyes on what all Politicians are doing and Saying! They could cause irreversible Harm to America too. So be Proud and keep the Vigil.