Every single Person, no matter who you are, can Help with Climate Change…This World is all of Ours

Right Now! All of us can do somethings to help with Climate Control.

If you Listen to Elon Musk on YouTube, he’ll Scare the Poop out of you about the Earth Ending in 12 Years. About Aliens coming to Destroy all of us. But with such a Vast Amount of Money, why doesn’t He put a School Together with the Best Minds in the World and help Solve Major Issues like-

  1. Alternate Environmental Friendly Fuels.
  2. Cure Diseases.
  3. Provide alternative Food Alternatives to prevent Starvation.
  4. End the War in Ukraine-it is causing a Huge Carbon Impact.

But right now, a many of us can Plan a Single Weekly Trip to Town once every Two Weeks. That’s a Huge Savings on Carbon Releases.

Quit Ordering a ton of Needless Things on AMAZON. Do you NEED it or just WANT IT? Make it a NEED always.

Quit Ordering Takeout Orders all the Time. Buy Groceries once every Two Weeks.

DO NOT Horde!

Here’s 18 things you can do-

  • 1) Bring your own bottle or mug. …
  • 2) Replace inefficient bulbs. …
  • 3) Turn off some lights. …
  • 4) Have a “2 degrees” goal at home. …
  • 5) Walk or bike somewhere you’d normally drive today. …
  • 6) Vote! …
  • 7) Plant something. …
  • 8) Take a hike.



Don’t take anything for Granted about any other Country. Unless you Live there, pointing a Blaming Finger isn’t going to Fix Anything. We must come to terms that all of us must get to know each other better. Every Country must begin with Good Ambassador Programs made of Regular Citizens of each Country and Not Politicians.

Share you Thoughts. Share your Concerns. Share Your Story! Be a Voice and Not Just Ears and Eyes.

Tell your Leaders How you feel. What you believe. More in Russia must Speak Up and End the War in Ukraine. Be friendly towards the Russian People because you and I aren’t living under a Dictator. We aren’t Under Threat of Imprisonment is we Speak Up. If we VOICE our Opinion.

Don’t Be a KAREN going Bat spool Crazy every time YOU hear or was New Data that you’ve never seen Before. And quit Blaming Your Riders for All of Today’s Problems. They been trying to Provide for their Families too. Until these last few years has Climate Change really become a Hot Topic.

SPACEX and these Short Joy Rides for the Rich only ADD more Harm to Earth. For all of us. We must do better.

Those with Money can do better.

Would the Rich provide for a School to help find Cures and all? And on Everything?