People always Romanticize about Outlaws and is Trump America’s Last Great Outlaw Hero?

A very disturbing Photo from Ukraine

And none are the Wiser than the ones who see it Coming! Trump may very Well be the One Individual to Ignite a New Civil War here in America. And Say-No Frigging Way! But that’s putting Blind Faith into the picture before you put the cart before the Horse. And let me show you how and why it’s important for you to Ask yourself-Am I an Enabler? Will my own Actions in any way help enable a New Civil War to take place here in America. But America has a fantasy of their Outlaw Heroes. And Trump may be the Last Great American Outlaw of all times.

FACT: 13-15% of Americans believe it’s Okay to Use Force to put Trump back in Office. 13-15% think it’s Okay to Use Force to keep any Legal Action against Trump involving the Mar A Largo Documents from Happening.

Doesn’t Matter if He’s Guilty or Not, these Americans apparently are ready to do Battle for their Beliefs in Trump or what is it exactly?

You tell me. It makes me tired continually hearing All Things Trump. I’ve moved on, but Millions still haven’t. They are still stuck in 2020 and What Trump Says. No matter What He Says.

Certain News Reporters or Commentators are His Enablers. Certain Politicians are. Certain Billionaires are. Certain small Donors are. Certain Podcasters are. Certain Newspapers are. Certain Foreign Leaders are. Certain TV Networks are. But Millions of Americans are…it’s the same for Putin and his Enablers. It really is but hasn’t got to the point of NO RETURN here as it is in Russia.

13-15% of Americans is a Huge Number. These alone could be far more than enough to bring down this Great COUNTRY. Cause a tremendous irreversible Harm to America.. Cause Dangerous Times. And Trump ought not attempt to Be the MATCH to Ignite them.

‘The storm is coming’: Donald Trump amplifies QAnon conspiracy theories

Overtly embracing QAnon’s conspiracy theories, former US President Donald Trump reposted an image of himself wearing a Q lapel pin overlaid with the words “the storm is coming.”

Come on Now. What is your take on Him doing that? Will you sit back and be one of His enablers? Is he Calling WHAT from his Supporters? Has this Awoken you? If so, to What Ends?

Is it VIOLENCE? Is that what He Wants?. U want too? U willing to hurt others for Him? REALLY?

But what to do? Take to the Streets in Retro-Anti-What? Yes, what would even be your Banner Flag?

I feel something is Coming, but I don’t know what. A Storm?

Then Let us All

Line up all of our Golf Carts and Show our Support for Trump? And go where? Do what? Ride around in a neighborhood? Ride around on a Golf Course?

I damn sure ain’t gonna take to Arms for Him. No, Sir! I won’t be led by a fool in a foolish Act of Stupidity.

U want images like this here in America? I DON’T!

And neither should You! Every time Trump Calls for Violence, I will Call a Hundred More Times LET THERE BE NO VIOLENCE. And so should you. We are Americans. I think Trump has us mixed up like we all are Banana Republic Dwarfs ready to defend Him. HELL, he got himself in own Trouble, Let Him Get Out HIMSELF. NOT WITH OUR HELP! I mean really, what Has he ever done for me? For any of us?

85% of Americans aren’t on the Trump Bandwagon of Violence to Save Him. No, all of us aren’t going to take to the streets on His behalf. He’s Old News. He’s Shot His Wad. He’s Done! He had His Chance and that’s all any of us get. He ain’t even New Stuff. We’re just gonna sit back and Watch the Show from our Living Rooms.

But He sure seems to be like a Wounded Animal now that simply won’t just go into Retirement. He won’t try to do Great Things like President Carter. In a strange way, He’s like a Turd that won’t flush down the commode.

Oh My God, I just shitted a Turd that looks like Trump in my Commode, All y’all come take a Look and it’s Orange Colored too. But would you go take a Look? I wouldn’t. That’s kind of how twisted all of this has gotten.

But this is What I see and, I’ll tell you why I think many are fascinated with Trump. It might not be Him as much as their Own fascination with the outlaw Hero like as if he was ZORRO. A Romantic Idea. Our own yearning for the Underdog to Win.

Do Americans love Trump because of our own Romantic Love for the Criminal Type or the Outlaw who we give Hero Status when they get away with his or her Crimes? Our childhood days of playing both the Good and Bad Roles of Lawmen and Outlaws? But we aren’t kids no more.

While Riding off into a Glorious Sunset?

People always Romanticize about Outlaws and Trump could very well be America’s Last Great Outlaw? And that is what everyone finds fascinating about the man? He’s a Modern Day Al Capone or Jessie James? Or another Richard Nixon? Or Who? You pick who He reminds you most of…and is He just a Fantasy?

But the more He gets seemingly away with more and more only makes Him an even Greater American Outlaw Hero. A fascinating Character.