Texas A&M’s Aggies needed that APP STATE Loss! And Here’s Why?

One of the most amazing Experiences in your Life at an Outdoor Football Stadium is none better or more exciting than Attending an Aggie Football Game at Kyle Field. It’ll Blow Your Mind Away! It’s an experience that is beyond words. It’s beautiful. It’s exhilarating. It’s wonderful.

But what Happens when the Aggies Lose? All of the 102,733 people there will begin in a most horrible Event of Mass Crowd Crying in Unison. Even the Yell Leaders will lead in the Orderly Crying. It’s unbelievable to Witness because you won’t. I was just kidding. But like at any Stadium where the Home Team is losing or loses a Game, the Crowd will stand in a silent state of Sadness. Very Quiet.

But in all my 60+ years of Watching and Listening to Aggie Football Games, I have learned a few things. And one is that every time the Aggies are Ranked in the Top 10 early in the Season, they fold up their Lawn Chairs and forget How to Play. It’s a Game of Hey, you were supposed to get that guy or No, it was your turn. Or the “Fumblidis” Bug sets in.

But when APP STATE came to town, they were simply Out Coaching the Aggie Coaching Staff. A&M got Out Coached. It wasn’t a Lack of Talent that got them Beat. The Coaches Beat the Team. They caused the Loss. And I have it from one of the Best Coaches ever in Texas who Retired 20 something years ago and is almost 70 years Old. But he lives for the Game and the Aggies Playing.

But it’s the same Old Thing. I often wondered if it were a Voodoo Curse that You Put on the Aggies every time they are are put in the Top Ten and then they’ll Lose. But I’m thinking they Lost something when they Refused to Play a Bowl Game this past Bowl Season. I bet It put a bad taste in the player’s mouths. Hey Dumbo Jumbo, did you lose Faith in Us, Your Team? Sure, you said it was Covid. But was it really? You Upset your Own Team. 😠

You Play for the Love of the Game.

And nothing can get that bad taste out until the Aggies Beat a Top 10 Team. But where are the Aggies gonna Fix it? When? Jumbo might be BEST if he didn’t Call the Plays like he’s stuck in ancient times and needs more time observing what is taking place with the Team as a Group on the sideline. Are they Bonding? Did you forget about Sideline Coaching? The Team is You. You are the Team. Be the Team.

Mighty CORPS CANNON CREW with Cannon in hand coming into Kyle Field and the Cannon Crew Fires the Cannon with each Aggie Touchdown

Or are they Segregating by their own Star Power Monetary Contracts for shirt Sales and other toss able Junkies. But gathering so many Star Players on the same field can cause a lot of Headaches. But Jumbo must get his head into the Sideline Game as well as the Field Game. And he can’t do it Calling the Plays. While Calling the Plays, you cannot see what is happening with the Team.

It’s Time to Grab your boys by the Balls and make them feel liked a Team and WANTED. Like Aggies!

Aggies coming out of the Locker Room
Alabama coming out of the Locker Room

Jumbo, Good Luck. Aggies, Play to your Full Potential. Aggie Fans, Get Ready for More Losses. And Wins too. And Kyle Field? Be Kind to Everyone. And I still Predict a Good Season, but a Hard One as the SEC is Bad to the Bone, but other Conferences are now too.

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When Kyle Field’s Unseen Aggie Spirit Awakens, you’ll feel the Hair on the back of your neck tingle and goosebumps will appear all over your body. But is it all the Ones who’ve Attended before you who are part of that Unseen Aggie Spirit? Hmm…i don’t know. But you’ll have to go and experience it for yourself…

And Dumbo Jumbo, just kidding Jimbo! Kick the Tires and Light the Fires on a Great Season.