RAILROAD STRIKES of 1967 under Johnson, 1991 under Bush, And now One looming in 2022?

I worked for years with BNSF Coal Trains who were delivering Wyoming Powder River Basin Coal to our Power Plant. I can guarantee that these are some of the hardest working men I have ever known. And no matter where they are, a Van with a New Crew will come and relieve them while they are still working on the Assigned Train. And sleep in Motels far from home on many a night.

On Friday, get ready for a Strange World if 47% of things quit being Shipped on Railcars across America? Coal Power Plants will be shutting down for Lack of Delivered Coal. Car Makers won’t get Vehicle Parts. And much needed items and Other needed Supplies will be stuck in Railroad Yards awaiting Vandals.

And what can you Say? Bitch a lot. But it’ll be up to the WH and Congress to fix this and Fix it QUICK. OR Americans are gonna get Screwed.

How was the RAILROAD STRIKE of 1967 Solved?


How was the RAILROAD STRIKE of 1991 Solved?


And when Congress be smart enough to fix the Railroad before a Strike takes place? Here, in 2022?


For whom the Bell Tolls…