Finally, the Real Reason Putin invaded Ukraine Is Revealed!

Forget all the things you heard about the Big Putin talk about the NAZI Problem in Ukraine or any of the other Things Putin and his Propaganda Machine put out. The Truth is buried in the simple need to prevent The Embarrassment of Putin to the Russian People. To prevent A big crush to His Image. A Major Nuclear power Station Network was about to Embarrass Putin and their Action would have been the HEADLINES proving a very embarrassing moment for Putin and his Stoic Image. And a Mad Race to find the lost Megawatts would have taken years. So, here it is-

The Real Reason Putin INVADED Ukraine was because in order for Ukraine to join the ELECTRIC POWER GRID OF EUROPE or the synchronous grid of Continental Europe, they had to DISCONNECT their Ukrainian Power Grid from the Unified Power System of Russia (UPS). And that Official Date for Ukraine To Disconnect from the UPS was FEBRUARY 24, 2022. The Date that Putin already had in his mind to Attack Ukraine to prevent this DISCONNECTION! This event would have raised Very dissatisfied eyebrows by the Russian Public upon Putin. But definitely draw negative Attention towards Putin. An Image the man of Vain Image Persona was not willing to Risk.

But, Putin believed his forces would enter Ukraine and there would be a Surrender in just a Few Days. And he would have rapidly Reconnected the Ukraine Power Grid back to the Unified Power System of Russia (UPS). And no one would be the smarter than He. But was he?

A tremendous amount of Electricity is Generated at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station and the Coal Units there.

But was he?

No, of course not. Now, he is stuck in a War of Attrition like in Afghanistan but far worse. The Death Toll now rests near 125,000-150,000 Dead Russian Troops. A Horrific number when you think about it. And their Families are not going to sit by when they all realize their kiddos died in vain. And it will come. Just like it did for the Americans during the long Vietnam War.

But now, finally, you know the real reason Putin invaded Ukraine. The Electric Power Grid Disconnection by Ukraine would have brought a major Blimp to his Stardom as a Leader. And that is the whole Truthful Truth. A sad Truth. But the Whole TRUTH.

Live: Macron, Putin discuss situation at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station

(Ukrainian: Запорізька атомна електростанція, romanizedZaporizʹka atomna elektrostantsiya) in southeastern Ukraine is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and among the 10 largest in the world. It was built by the Soviet Union near the city of Enerhodar, on the southern shore of the Kakhovka Reservoir on the Dnieper river. It is operated by Energoatom, who also operate Ukraine’s other three nuclear power stations.

Energy in Ukraine is mainly from gas and coal, followed by nuclear then oil.[1] The coal industry has been disrupted by conflict.[2] Most gas and oil is imported, but since 2015 energy policy has prioritised diversifying energy supply.[1]

Zaporizhzhia nuclear station, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe

About half of electricity generation is nuclear and a quarter coal.[1] The largest nuclear power plant in Europe, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, is located in Ukraine. Fossil fuel subsidies were USD 2.2 billion in 2019.[3] Until the 2010s all of Ukraine’s nuclear fuel came from Russia, but now most does not.[4]

In 2020, Ukraine transited more natural gas than any other country in the world[5] and it remains the main transit route for Russian natural gas sold to Europe, which earns Ukraine about $3 billion a year in transit fees, making it the country’s most lucrative export service.[6] Although gas transit is declining, over 40 billion cubic metres (bcm) of Russian gas flowed through Ukraine in 2021,[7] which was about a third of Russian exports to other European countries.[8] Some energy infrastructure was destroyed in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[9][10]

Since 2017 Ukraine sought to divest itself of dependency on the Unified Power System of Russia (UPS) and instead connect westwards to the synchronous grid of Continental Europe, thereby participating in European electricity markets.[27][28] Power lines coupling the country to the grids of neighbouring Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary existed, but were de-energised.

A necessary prerequisite of Ukrainian integration was for the country to successfully demonstrate it was capable of running in a islanded manner, maintaining satisfactory control of its own frequency. To do that would require disconnection from the UPS grid, and a date of 24 February 2022 was set. This proved to be the date Russia invaded Ukraine, but the disconnection nonetheless proceeded to schedule. Ukraine placed an urgent request to synchronise with the European grid to ENTSO-E, the European collective of transmission system operators of which it was a member, and on 16 March 2022 the western circuits were energised, bringing both Ukraine and Moldova, which is coupled to the Ukrainian grid, into the European synchronised grid.[29][30][31] On 16 March 2022 a trial synchronisation started of the Ukraine and Moldova grid with the European grid.[29

So, now, you finally know how Simple Minded Putin came to his Decision to go to War. It was an Image thing. Image is a Big Thing in Russia. It’s EVERYTHING. At least, it is to Putin.

Official nameЗапорізька атомна електростанція
LocationEnerhodarZaporizhzhia Oblast
Coordinates47°30′30″N 34°35′04″E
Construction beganUnit 1: 1 April 1980
Unit 2: 1 January 1981
Unit 3: 1 April 1982
Unit 4: 1 April 1983
Unit 5: 1 November 1985
Unit 6: 1 June 1986
Commission dateUnit 1: 25 December 1985
Unit 2: 15 February 1986
Unit 3: 5 March 1987
Unit 4: 14 April 1988
Unit 5: 27 October 1989
Unit 6: 17 September 1996
Nuclear power station
Reactor typePWR
Reactor supplierAtomstroyexport
Cooling towers2
Cooling sourceKakhovka Reservoir
Thermal capacity6 × 3000 MWth
Power generation
Units operational6 × 950 MW
Make and model6 × VVER-1000/320
Nameplate capacity5700 MW
Capacity factor58.68%
Annual net output29,299 GWh (2016)38,000 GWh
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And to Putin, if Russia can’t have that Electricity, then No One Can. No One! Kaputsky!

Swapping power Grids is a Monumental Event. It is not a small Item. It is Huge with irreversible consequences like the Country you pull your Electric Power from and then they INVADE you.