YOU! YES YOU! Must Decide Which Nuclear Weapons Top Secrets Documents of Which Country were Stored at Mar-a-Largo?

Let’s be Real. Can we? Who, I mean who of you would have Nuclear Weapons Top Secret Documents of a foreign Country in your Desk? I’m an unlocked Office and unlocked Desk Drawer? Were you gonna Sell them? Trade Them? Man, I don’t know. But for one thing, the More I Learn about Trump, the More I realize what an Evil Person he really is.

Below are Countries Listed that Got Nuclear Weapons. But of them, WHICH COUNTRY’s Nuclear Secrets were Mar-a-Largo?


BETS IN VEGAS are over $100,000,000 on which Country it is and other guesses to match. Better get in on the Fun

Who’s gonna Win that Money? But did The King of Mar-a-Largo Hit the DOJ Jackpot?

 United StatesPresident of the United StatesSee the Presidential Emergency Satchel.[102][103]
 RussiaPresident of RussiaBriefcases may also be issued to the Minister of Defence and the Chief of the General Staff.[102][104][105][103]
 United KingdomThe British MonarchThe Prime Minister exercises the Royal prerogative to direct the defence force.[102][103]
 FrancePresident of France[102][103]
 ChinaCentral Military CommissionThe Chairman of the Central Military Commission is the Supreme Military Command.[102][103]
 IndiaPrime Minister of IndiaNuclear Command Authority includes an Executive Council and a Political Council.[102][103]
 PakistanNational Command AuthorityRequires a consensus of the council’s members.[102][103]
 North KoreaSupreme Commander of the Armed ForcesThe Supreme Commander is also the Chairman of the Central Military Commission.[102]
 IsraelPrime MinisterRequires agreement of the Minister of Defense and Chief of the General Staff.[102]

US Nuclear Weapons in Other Countries

CountryAir baseCustodianWarheads
 TurkeyIncirlik39th Air Base Wing50
 ItalyAviano31st Fighter Wing40
Ghedi Torre52nd Fighter Wing
 BelgiumKleine Brogel20

Which One you Guess?