So Write…What are you waiting on?

So, you want to Write. You say you an Author. And what sort of critters is that?

Books, School Papers, Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs, Screenplays, BLOGS? Exactly what is it that you wish to write? Have you earned the Right? To Call yourself an Author? Or do you need some formal training on how to put sentences together. Or to understand the logic

I wrote, but I don’t Claim to be any sort of Writer. I write good stuff and Bad Stuff. I twist up shit just to stay in shape. Mindfully. But I know that whatever you decide to Write, you got to put the work in before you have a finished Product worth Reading. Or is it?

I have many Followers. But I don’t write for the Following. I do it because I enjoy writing. And I know like all of us, we will Die one day. And I have not devoted every minute of my life to Writing. I have Four Books out and the 5th will be out in 2023.

A PANTHER’S FATHER IV will be coming out in 2023. And it’s going to literally Blow Your Mind.

It takes the Reader on another rollercoaster ride of the most horrible Crimes on earth. The Trafficking of Boys and Girls being grabbed mostly here in Texas and in HOUSTON. And then Taken to LA where they are Screwed Viciously and then killed and their bodies chopped up.

But many are Shipped all across America and even Sold to Foreign Buyers.

And the Panther, JeanPaul is Alive and well and bringing his own brutal US MARINE form of Vicious Fighting. A Fight to the Death in Mexico City Broadcast all across the World. On the Day of the Dead.

This Book is explosive and I reveal all the COLD WAR SECRETS I have uncovered throughout the years of my Life. It’s gonna knock your socks off.

Here, write about the creature on my finger…a poem, a story, or a Book? You can create much. All you have to do is write. And let the creative juices run rampant. Let your Creation Blossom.

Or a Poem about a Beautiful Flower-

Or why is one of my Dogs on her back? What Dreams can you create that she is having? What glorious Hunts does she embark on?

But creative. Be Bold. Enjoy doing something that man has been doing for Centuries-Writing

But write for your own pleasure. Maybe begin with a Daily Journal or a Weekly one. But if you want to Write. You must START.

Writing will help you Release the Pain that you are carrying. Everyone’s carrying a lot. Just try it. You might like it.