Time to Put Up…Time to Keep Up!

Defense Production Act of 1950


The Defense Production Act of 1950 is a United States federal law enacted on September 8, 1950 in response to the start of the Korean War. It was part of a broad civil defense and war mobilization effort in the context of the Cold War.

Under Title I of the DPA, as amended, the President is authorized to require the preferential acceptance and performance of contracts or orders (other than contracts of employment) supporting certain approved national defense and energy programs, and to allocate materials, services, and facilities in such a manner as …

Now comes the Biggest Questions. Where do we go from Here?

Would it benefit all of America and our friends in Europe too by enacting the Defense Protection Act for two Purposes. But others are needed too.

  1. Get Water to the Western States.
  2. Get Drilling Rigs drilling and Offshore too. Build them as fast as Possible. Drill. Drill. Drill. Drill.
  3. TEST DRILL all across America and Offshore too.
  4. Build Ships carrying Liquid Propane and Butane by the Hundreds.
  5. Build Cargo Container Ships.
  6. Build Our Own Cargo Containers.
  7. Build More Refineries of Oil and Gas Products!. Ours are quickly becoming incapable of keeping up with DEMAND. Keeping up with DEMAND now is done by PRICE GOUGING and needs to End! They raise the Prices when they cannot keep up at times.

Right now, there is an Urgent need to get water to the Western States. Until The American People realize this, the Western States are going to go to bottle waters for all of their needs. These Americans will use Bottled Water to eat, drink, and build Outhouses in their Backyards. Public Bath Houses too. The future is looking bleak. It cannot wait.

EUROPE needs our help to fend off the Criminalist Putin who has criminalized Gas and Oil Shipments to Europe. And right now, we need to start New Drilling in TEST FIELDS. And to Drill more. Lots more.

Too much Agriculture in the Western States will be shutting down when there is No Water. Then what you gonna do? Buy from outside America for a lot of Produce. More than we do now…